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Protesters blocking Highway 531 near Ra’anana.

A female protester, 40, was seriously injured Tuesday morning after being hit by a vehicle on Highway 531 in the Ra’anana area after she tried to join a group of protesters who went down to block the road as part of the “Day of Disruption.”


The woman was taken to Beilinson Hospital in serious condition with multi-system damage under anesthesia and artificial respiration, after receiving initial treatment on the spot.

According to eyewitnesses, the woman was driving her car on the highway and suddenly stopped along the side of the road to protest. When got out of her the car and walked onto the highway, she was hit by another car that was driving and didn’t see her get out. The same eyewitnesses also said that the driver “got out of his vehicle in a state of shock.”

The MDA ambulance initially couldn’t reach the woman because the road was blocked by protesters.

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