Photo Credit: Libs of TikTok
Libs of TikTok

Progressives don’t like the blogger “Libs of TikTok,” an Orthodox Jewish woman from Brooklyn who simply finds, collects and reposts some of the video material that progressives and progressive activists post about themselves online, making the videos more accessible and visible for all to see (and unable to deny).

On Thursday, Facebook said it was permanently suspending the Facebook account of @libsoftiktok, for “not following community standards” though it didn’t actually say why.


Most assume this was because ‘Libs of TikTok’ publicized some videos made by medical staff from Boston Children’s Hospital as well as other medical professionals, discussing “gender-affirming” surgery, along with at least one BCH doctor talking about babies knowing they had the wrong gender identity. Libs of Tik Tok questioned at what age does the hospital begin doing these surgeries.

(Watch from 6:00)

Boston Children’s Hospital reportedly received a lot of threats as a result of the exposure, according to the Boston Globe. Subsequently, Facebook “permanently” suspended the account.

Perhaps it was the bad publicity or maybe someone realized that might not have been the best decision to make, but Facebook reversed their permanent ban within 24 hours. Whether that sticks or not remains to be seen.

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