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Donald Trump at the Republican Jewish Coalition

A group called “Come Together Against Hate” has formed, apparently, for the sole purpose of preventing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from appearing at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC ) convention which begins March 20 in Washington, DC.

In a press release issued this week, the group stated: “At the conference, we will be distributing thousands of stickers and flyers to encourage as many people as possible to follow our lead. Thousands of attendees will be peacefully and respectfully protesting Mr. Trump’s speech at the conference. Many will be standing up before he speaks and silently leaving the room. Others will be absenting themselves from his introduction as well. All will be joining together outside of the hall to share in learning about Derech Eretz (Common Decency). We believe Torah is our moral guide. There is no greater or more profound way to stand up to bigotry than to teach lessons of love, respect, and dignity. Our goal is not to disrupt the proceedings or to offend any of our fellow conference attendees. Our hope is to shine a moral light on the darkness that has enveloped Mr. Trump’s campaign.”


AIPAC did not offer a response to the negative responses from the liberal left to the very idea of hosting the leading Republican candidate for president. Nor has any rightwing Jewish group lend its support to AIPAC so far, for essentially doing its job as a pro-Israel lobby. This has kept the debate so far in the Jewish left, which appears to be advocating a Zionist boycott against a man who has a fifty-fifty chance to be the next leader of the free world.

Reform Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie, the former president of his movement, made it clear that he wants to see a broad Jewish rejection of Trump, never mind the obvious cost. In an op-ed in Ha’aretz Wednesday, Yoffie wrote: “Might protests at AIPAC hurt Israel’s cause? They might. Will an ongoing, organized Jewish effort to battle Trump’s bigotry adversely impact Jewish security and well-being in America? If Trump is elected President, it could. But no matter. American Jews are seeing things that they never expected to see in their country, and they are dismayed and frightened.”

Yoffie blames Trump for the racist and anti-Semitic winds that are obviously blowing from his hordes of followers, declaring “we don’t care a bit that Trump has many Jewish friends and a daughter who has converted to Judaism. … Trump has called forth an endless stream of vicious anti-Jewish attacks from right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis who have rushed to defend him from his critics.”

Identifying himself as a “Zionist dove,” Yoffie argues that Trump “seems to know hardly anything at all about Israel, the challenges she faces, and how the Middle East actually works.” He concludes with a prediction that “Jews will be hoping and praying, for the sake of everything that we hold dear, that anyone other than Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States.”

Other leftwing Jewish groups have used the Trump appearance for an all-out attack on AIPAC itself, asking, “Are AIPAC and the American Jewish establishment so out of touch with Jewish values that they would condone a neo-fascist as long as he supports Israel? … AIPAC is showing that it is willing to abandon all other values to ensure ‘pro-Israel at any cost.'” Of course, the fact that these NGOs themselves are collecting their paychecks from sinister, anti-Israel sources does not come up in their message.

Come Together Against Hate stands out in this leftwing crowd by avoiding a direct attack on AIPAC, sticking to its “talking points,” some of which are rooted in Jewish tradition:

  • We are not protesting AIPAC. We are against hatred, the incitement of hatred and the ugliness that has engulfed this election season.
  • Donald Trump has encouraged, defended and incited violence at his campaign rallies.
  • Trump willingly embodies what Jewish tradition calls Sinat Chinam, senseless hatred. He hates indiscriminately, and refuses to condemn bigotry.
  • As Meyer Gottlieb, President of Samuel Goldwyn Films and a Holocaust survivor, said in a feature story to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust, “The truth of the matter is that the weapons of massive destruction are not bombs — they’re hatred, intolerance and bigotry.”

The group’s press release, issued by the group and signed by Rabbis David Paskin (Reform) and Jesse Olitzky (Conservative), reads: “AIPAC’s theme for Policy Conference is ‘Come Together’ Our grassroots effort spans many denominations, ages and political affiliations. We are committed to coming together against hate. We are committed to saying that Donald Trump does not speak for us or represent us, and his values are not AIPAC’s values. They are not the values of the Jewish community. They are not the values of our founders’ vision of an America where all citizens are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”


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  1. Yoffie and his people are actually against the best interests of Israel because they are for splitting Jerusalem and against Jewish Towns in Judah/Samaria. Their ideas are the failed ideas of the 90s and they just bend over to the likes of Obama and Hillary.

    Trump is no Nazi and has the possibility to be a true friend to Israel unlike the Democratic Leadership of Hillary. et al.

  2. Leftist self hating liberal Jews will be our demise….your love of Sanders and Clinton proves you are all communists and socialists….not much of a difference..We cant wait to get the muslim Jew Hater out of the White House along with all the liberal nutjobs and finally get a man of the people

  3. Why is it that when the left attack a right wing convention the media blame the right? CNN interviewed someone who rushed the stage where Trump was speaking, CNN of course sides with the attacker in this case.

    When demonstrator lashed out at a Trupmp supporter and almost connected, the angry demonstrator was potrayed as the victim.

    In every massive Islamic demonstration I have seen, there was always the chant "Death to America."

    Why would Trump not see this as Muslims hating America? There has never been a counter Islamic protest condemning the hate mongers.

  4. An Open Letter[written by my mentor, who is Jewish]

    TSo Rob Eshman, Eric Yoffie, and all of those who advocate hijacking the AIPAC platform in the name of what (in their eyes) they claim is a greater morality. Don’t Blow Up AIPAC Over Trump

    AIPAC has a mission . Jonathan Tobin describes this mission very well.

    AIPAC belongs to all of us such as myself, my children, my friends and ALL of the other AIPAC members.

    If you personally feel strongly against Donald Trump, demonstrate at Donald Trump’s headquarters.

    Don’t Blow Up AIPAC Over Trump

    Read: Don’t Blow Up AIPAC Over Trump, by JONATHAN S. TOBIN / MAR. 16, 2016

  5. AIPAC is the host. AIPAC's mission is to garner Bi-Partisan support for Israel. It has invited all the candidates for President to speak. By accepting AIPAC's invitation to the policy conference these Rabbi's agreed with that mission. Those who disagree have no business taking up one second of time at the conference from those who came to hear ALL the speakers.

    We Jews have many different perspectives on many different issues relating to Israel. This conference is an opportunity to hear the other's perspective. It is not an opportunity to stage a disruption such as the Anti-Israel protesters are doing on college campuses.

  6. The Diaspora has given up on that rabble of leftists known collectively as American Jews. They have no idea when to keep their mouths shut. Even that gutless organisation which invited Donald Trump does not have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say they are proud to have invited him to speak. American Jews as a group must be the most ill informed people on the planet. In the majority, they are leftist first and foremost before any other criteria, by their comments know virtually zero on the Middle East and have the unofficial title in many circles world wide as the morons of the Diaspora. Which other group in the majority voted not once but twice for that disaster to the USA and the world, Barack Hussein Obama and now would rather his clone, Hillary Clinton to be President? It is fortunate for Israel that Trump is by instinct automatically pro Israel as after all is said and done, this next President of the United States can rightly say he owes nothing to any specific group least of all American Jews when they one day come knocking on the door of the White House.
    It appears that Jews on the whole have some suicidal gene buried deep in their DNA. How else can one explain this rampant stupidity?
    If I were Trump I wouldn’t bother to address this leftist rabble at AIPAC and would simply write off the so called “Jewish vote”.

  7. The total disrespect to the principle of free speech is amazing. Leftists are unmasking themselves. Trump never attacked the right of others to speak. Disrupting meetings of those who think differnt than us is at the same time coward and authoritarian, and this is what the leftists are doing, as they boycott Israel, more than boycott Trump, with such an action.

  8. You may feel some uncertainty regarding Trump’s ability to engage in ME issues, but you can be absolutely sure with Hilary Clinton. Based on what Hilary Clinton has said and done, along with her choice of advisors, you can feel assured that she will sell-out Israel. It would be wise to respectfully hear what Trump has to say, as well as show some respect for our Constitutional right of freedom of speech. If you are against Trump, inside the AIPAC Conference is not the place to express it.

  9. Where were the protests when Obama and Kerry were continually criticizing Israel and holding to a moral equivalency between Israel and the terrorists PA and Hamas. I bet they can't wait to adore another Clinton in the white house who will sell Israel out in a wink; and I'm not winking.

  10. Obama was kosher, but Trump not. Go figure. Obama sat daily in his office plotting to harm the Jewish people. Even the good that Obama did was, with the ulterior motive, to soften the Jews up, so that he could screw them. 1967 lines, really? Settlements an impediament to peace, not obessive, raging Islamic Jew-hatred? Jerusalem, occupied? Really? Publicly supported Morsi of the Muslim brotherhood, and the moron Turk. What more harm could he have done to Israel and the US. Trump scares the hell out people, because he shakes up the rotten establishment. Things have to change, radically. Trump just might be able to do that.

  11. I have to agree with all the other comments.
    Regardless of what anybody thinks about Donald Trump he is getting a Republican nomination using democratic means. While those who claim to be the "flagbearers" of "liberal democracy" use any tool they can, distort the democratic system as much as they can to derail the people democratically electing their choice.

    And unfortunately Jews are at the forefront of this biased debacle.
    Instead of trying to appease party or media directed agendas, many times going against their fellow Jews they should be working on achieving a much needed Jewish concensus, unity and mutual responsibility in the US, in the Diaspora and in between the Dispora and Israel.

  12. Equal time for all candidates. Israel/Zionism & stopping BDS, should he the topic of candidates' speeches. (I despise Trump's behavior.) These people don't believe in quiet protest. These are the same people, who prevent Israel supporters, from speaking on campuses & in public. …while they spread their lies.

  13. Yoffie, talks of anti-semitism, however, Clinton's advisers are the self hating Jew's of Sidney and Max Blumenthal, the Muslims, Abedin and Jarrett, Israel haters, Mills and Rice, etc. A Jew, who votes for Hillary, is a Jew, who does not care about Israel's survival. Furthermore, Trump, has an Orthodox daughter. Hillary's son-in-law, is a lapsed Jew. Consequently, her grandaughter is a "shiksa".

  14. And people wonder why American Jewry is in trouble? Many American Jews have aligned themselves so closely with the Left that they have no concept of anything or anyone who does not support their position. How AIPAC handles this situation will be a determining step for their future. They have always proclaimed that they are apolitical and will work with anyone and everyone who supports Israel. They even chose to ignore all of the Democratic Senators and Congresspersons who chose to vote for the Iran deal, and continue to support these "friends" of Israel. So now we have a leader who supports Israel but is not progressive, and rabbis and other liberal AIPAC leaders are now saying that we will not work with you even though you support Israel – instead we would rather work with someone who supports BLM and every other leftist cause, but who may not support Israel. Why is it that Jews continue to send other Jews to the ovens!

  15. You are 100% right. How dare they try BDS tactics at AIPAC. Might they consider doing the same during the vicious anti-Israel vaguely hidden anti-Semitic rantings of college speakers, etc.? Do they have counterparts there at all? No, let them come and ask challenging, but civil question–and "fight" that way if they choose. Better, listen to the other side, form a round table and consider that you might be wrong or that with the best of other opinions, a true Jewish consensus on such matters could be determined and that they could stand with other Jews as a united front in common cause. But those who reach out to BDS et al "polite" brown shirt tactics, certainly wouldn't be interested in common cause–just destructive rule of the roost.

  16. I am insulted. I am an American Jew. Please do not lump me in with these so called leftist know nothings who voted Obama in twice & will knee jerk vote for Hillary or Sanders. I am an educated & informed passionate Zionist, lover of Israel. I refuse to be tarred & feathered with the same broad brush. Some of us here have brains & do use them. This entire election cycle is a circus. It's an embarrassment to the country. The behavior of the Jewish community is an embarrassment to itself. Most American Jews have no real attachment to Israel, they are more attached to their liberal agenda. Bernie Sanders is the perfect example.

  17. Leslie Ruth Benjamini
    You and I both know that I am referring to the vast majority. You even admit this yourself when you say: "Most American Jews have no real attachment to Israel, they are more attached to their liberal agenda. Bernie Sanders is the perfect example".

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