Photo Credit: Shatil Websie
Ad inviting BGU Arab students to learn 'effective photography' for demonstrations

The Ben Gurion University Student Association in April issued an invitation in Arabic for BGU students to participate in a special workshop titled, “Influence is not a bad word.” The workshop, which was later advertised in Hebrew as well (Arabic text first), was conducted on April 19 and was supported by funds from the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, several other leftwing NGOs and the European Union.

The ad can be seen on the website of Shatil, an NGO funded by the New Israel Fund – go check it out before it is removed.


The ad explained how participating students would learn effective ways of covering demonstrations and protests: “Come and learn how to shoot video and what’s the main concerns in shooting stills. Receive all the pointers for unusual photography, such as of arrests – in order to take your struggle forward.”

Ad inviting BGU Arab students to learn ‘effective photography’ for demonstrations / Photo credit: Shatil Websie

An activist of the Zionist Group Miluimnikim Ba’Hazit (Heb: Reservists at the Front) recorded a phone conversation of their Arabic speaking activist with a representative of ACRI, asking for a similar course to be run for Arab youths who “go to rallies by the fence” (a reference to the separation fence in Judea and Samaria.

The activist said his group was looking to “provoke cops and soldiers and drag out of them photographed reactions.” The ACRI representative told him, on tape, “We give examples from the territories, too, not a problem, it depends on who the audience is. We can throw in emphasis on how to conceal your provocation and make it look natural.”

The same rep also offered the caller the options of using a hidden camera, hiding a cellphone in his shirt pocket, and taping using a wristwatch.

Matan Peleg, President of the Im Tirtzu movement, wrote a letter to Prof. Rivka Carmi, President of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, demanding her resignation for providing in her institution a platform for promoting incitement and attacks on security forces.