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Uri Cohn in front of an anti-Israel parade in Times Square

Israeli TikTok and Instagram influencer Uri Cohn stood in front of a pro-“Palestinian” parade in Times Square and sang the catchy slogan: From the river to the sea / Petah Tikvah will be free.” He later commented on the fact that the demonstrators held their flag upside down.

@theuricohen Even the Palestinians will reject this piece of land #freepetachtikva #israel #israelis #petahtikva #petachtikva #פתחתקווה ♬ original sound – The Uri


He then followed-up with this amusing commentary:

@theuricohen #greenscreen these people are the real comedians here ??? #freepetachtikva #israel #israelis #stopantisemitism ♬ original sound – The Uri

Cohn is obsessed with Petah Tikvah, fondly known in Israel as the “Mother of the Settlements,” established in 1878 by a groups of Haredi Jews from the old city of Jerusalem. Here is a video of his campaign to free Petah Tikva. Wait for the moment near the end where he turns the sign around to reveal he wants the city to be freed from the “arsim,” which is Arabic for pimps. It means Israelis who are crude, use vulgar language, hang out with suspicious characters and wear flashy clothing and jewelry. You’ve probably never met any.

@theuricohen From the Yarkon River to the big mall and KFC Petach Tikva will be free #freepetachtikva #petachtikva #פתחתקווה #petahtikva #telaviv #israel #israelis ♬ original sound – The Uri

Finally, something about the many different ways people spell Petah Tikvah:

@theuricohen Free Peta(c)h Tikva/qva/qwa איך לעזאזל רושמים את השם של העיר הזאת #freepetachtikva #petahtikvah #petachtikvah #פתחתקווה #israel #israelis ♬ original sound – The Uri

To enjoy more of Uri Cohn’s funny and occasionally sentimental posts, visit him here. And if you can accept his English accent, which is a little bit like scraping a blackboard with your fingernails, then, brother or sister, you’re ripe for making Aliyah!


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