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Crime lord Nidal R. graffiti in Berlin

Berlin is in the clutches of Arab Clans, according to the German newspaper Blick, which reports that the fear of a gang war among the Arab crime families is the result of the shooting of crime lord Nidal R., 36, in front of his family in Berlin.

Nidal R. (Remo), who hailed from a Palestinian family, grew up in Berlin’s streets and emerged as the cruel leader of a crime family. He was executed, with precision fire, by three unidentified gunmen while walking with his wife and children in a crowded public place in the German capital. The shooters presumed to belong to a rival crime family. Nidal R. was buried with the flag of Palestine on his coffin.


German Police believe the murder of Nidal R. was revenge by a rival Arab clan for a shooting in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin on August 5, by two gunmen believed to have been sent by Nidal R.

A few days before the shooting, Nidal R. received a warning from a police source about intelligence suggesting a plan to assassinate him, but preferred to ignore it. A super-criminal, he reckoned no one would dare hurt him

In the gang world, the deadly eight shots delivered a a clear message, according to Blick, which reports that clashes among the warring Arab crime families are the order of the day, and many in Berlin now fear that the murder will not go unpunished. Some 150 policemen have been assigned to the investigation.

All eyes were turned to the Nidal R. funeral last Thursday, attended by some 2,000, including the bosses of the largest crime clans. Reports suggest the sighting of Arab, Turkish, Albanian, and Chechen crime bosses.

Who the perpetrators are, is still unclear. The focus is on the largest clans in Germany. In Berlin alone, there are currently three families fighting for supremacy, including the Palestinian Abou Chaker family.

According to the estimates by the Federal Office of Criminal Police, there are more than 200,000 members of families with Arab roots in Germany. Many of those families come from south-eastern Turkey, which they initially fled to Lebanon and in the late 1980s they came to Germany, claiming that they were fleeing the civil war in Lebanon.

The late Nidal R. was responsible for numerous serious crimes as head of one of dozens of crime groups totaling an estimated 10,000 members operating in Berlin, dealing in prostitution, weapons and drug trafficking, thefts, money laundering, and protection.