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Hezbollah's Hassan Nasrallah

In his recent publish address Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened the US and Israel.

Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah in a threat to the US: “When your schemes end up hurting our people, we will turn our hands and our weapons to where it hurts – to what is dear to your heart – Israel.”


In a speech commemorating “Martyred Commanders Day,” Hezbollah’s Secretary-General addressed the dire economic situation in Lebanon, exacerbated by the recent collapse of the local currency.

Nasrallah accused the US of attempting to influence the situation in Lebanon to force Hezbollah to abandon its armed resistance, with its economic sanctions imposed on various groups in Syria and Lebanon.

He then issued a stark warning, stating that if the US continues to drive the economic collapse in Lebanon, Hezbollah will turn its fire on America’s allies in the region – Israel  Nasrallah declared that just as they were willing to go to war for their oil (the border-demarcation agreements – Abu Ali), they are ready to take up arms against Israel.

In the “Lebanese part” of his speech, Nasrallah took an apologetic approach and seemed rather eager to try and explain to the people of Lebanon how they got to where they are and who’s to blame.

The leader of the Lebanese terrorist organization feels that many Lebanese citizens hold Hezbollah responsible for the recent economic collapse in the country, which is why he sought to divert the flames away from his organization in his speech.

Recently, local news outlets reported that Israel became an oil exporter for the first time, exporting crude oil to Europe from the previously-disputed-now-settled Karish field. The news has been making headlines not just in Israel, but also in Lebanon, where it has sparked some resentment.

Given Lebanon’s current dire economic circumstances, many Lebanese were left wondering how Israel was able to capitalize on Karish so quickly, while there’s still no sign of any economic benefit for Lebanon from Qana (for which it negotiated in the recent border demarcation agreements).

Hoping to kill two birds with one stone, Nasrallah opted for threatening Israel with war: “If we feel exploited with regards to our oil and gas production, we will not allow Israel to continue producing gas and oil from Karish.”

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