Photo Credit: screenshot
Nasrallah speech Nov. 20, 2017

The Lebanon-based Hezbollah guerrilla group is now stronger than the Israel Defense Forces, according to its secretary-general, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.

Speaking in southern Lebanon on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the 2006 Second Lebanon War against Israel, Nasrallah said in an address that the Iranian-backed terror group “is stronger than ever.”


According to a translation of the speech published in the Hebrew-language Ma’ariv daily, Nasrallah told his followers, “The resistance in Lebanon today, in its possession of weapons and equipment and capabilities and members and fighters and ability and expertise and experience, plus faith and determination and courage and will, is stronger than at any time since its launch in the region.

“Israel is rebuilding itself today, in view of the defeat in 2006, including re-examining its doctrine of war, on the basis that its enemy is serious and capable,” he claimed.

“Since 2007 the Israelis have threatened to go to war, but at the same time Hezbollah has become immensely stronger.”