As the first US sanctions imposed on Iran by President Donald Trump go into effect next Monday, protesters have taken to streets across central Iran for the third day Thursday, chanting “death to the dictator” and “Khamenei, shame on you! Leave the Country!”

One of the popular chants is, “They’re lying that it’s the US,” in reference to the regime’s media propaganda that blames the country’s economic problems on foreign powers. The protesters of Isfahan are also calling for solidarity and resistance against the regime, chanting, “Don’t be afraid. We’re all together.” And this seems apparent, as the number of protesters has reached thousands.


Many cities, including Isfahan, have seen continuous unrest since nationwide protests that spread across the country in late December, early January.

Recently, the farmers of Isfahan have also been protesting against lack of access to water and the regime’s corrupt and incompetent management of the country’s resources.

According to the National Council of Resistance of Iran, people in Isfahan continue the uprising against the clerical regime, which is expected to reach its fourth consecutive day on Friday, Islam’s holy day. Riot guards and “other repressive forces” attacked the demonstrators and sought to disperse people by firing tear gas. Youths are confronting the government force, burning tires to neutralize the tear gas. In some spots, police forces have “inevitably retreated.”

The streets were the scene of the youth of Isfahan’s confrontation with the “agents of repression.” Fire and heavy smoke rise up and the streets are full of rocks and bricks in Isfahan’s New Shapour district.

A large group of people gathered in Isfahan’s Amir Kabir industrial park to protest against the increased cost of living, the continuous power outages, and the corrupt policies of the Iranian regime.

Merchants and retailers have closed their shops and gone on strike. Shop owners held banners in protest to high prices and their economic difficulties.

The people are chanting slogans that reflect the current economic woes, such as, “Death to high prices. Death to unemployment. Iranians, Shapuris, support the protesters. Corrupt authorities must resign.” Slogans like, “Death to the dictator. Reformists, ideologues, the game is over,” target the regime in its entirety. The protesters also call the regime’s promises “hollow lies.”

While a large contingency of regime forces have been dispatched to control the situation, the protesters continue to confront the security forces, and carry on with their protests.