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A huge explosion was heard west of Tehran early Friday morning, according to the official IRIB news agency which reported that “Some social media users have reported hearing the sound of an explosion west of Tehran and in Garmdarreh and Shahr-e Qods.”


Garmdarreh is a city in the Central District of Karaj County, Alborz Province, Iran, 21 miles wet of the capital. Qods is the capital of Qods County, Tehran Province, 23 miles west of Tehran.

The news agency did not pinpoint the exact location of Friday’s explosion, but according to analysts cited by the NY Times, there are military and training facilities in the area of the blast which could be the target of sabotage. And, there’s the tweet above which identifies the area hit as a Quds force missile storage facility. No one has claimed responsibility for the explosion so far.

This was the seventh major incident in Iran since June 25, when a huge explosion in the area of a major Iranian military and weapons development base in Khojir, east of Tehran, turned the skyline bright orange.

An huge explosion at a cutting factory in Baghershahr, south of Tehran, early on Tuesday morning this week, killed two and injured several others. The Tuesday before, June 30, the Sina At’har Medical Clinic in Tehran caught fire and then a massive explosion erupted there, killing 19 and injuring 14 people. On Thursday a week ago, July 2, Iran’s Fars News Agency reported an accident had taken place at the Natanz nuclear site, some 200 miles south of Tehran. Intelligence experts believe the explosion had been caused by an act of terrorism inside the facility. Then, on Friday, July 3, a major fire broke out overnight in the city of Shiraz in southwestern Iran, according to videos circulated on social networks. And on Saturday, July 4, a massive explosion rocked the Mahdaj Ahwaz gas production plant near the Az-Zarqan region in Ahwaz province, western Iran.


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