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Israel's President Isaac Herzog and Jordan's King Abdullah II in Amman on March 30, 2022

A spokesperson for the Jordanian government on Monday accused Israel of declaring war on the Hashemite Kingdom by attempting to “forcefully displace” Arabs from the Palestinian Authority and Gaza.

“Israel’s attempt to forcefully displace the Palestinians constitutes a declaration of war on Jordan,” Muhannad Mubaidin, who also serves as Amman’s minister of government communications, told Egypt’s Al Qahera News channel.


However, terminating Jordan’s 1994 peace treaty with Jerusalem would turn Palestinian Authority-controlled areas of Judea and Samaria into “a large prison,” the spokesperson said.

“The government of Israel is far-right and believes that genocide and killing constitute self-defense,” Mubaidin claimed.

Jordan and Egypt will not accept any refugees from the Gaza Strip, Jordan’s King Abdullah II stressed at a news conference on Oct. 17, declaring it a “red line.”

“There will be no refugees in Jordan and no refugees in Egypt,” Abdullah said following a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin, according to CNN.

“That is a red line, because I think that is a plan by certain of the usual suspects to try and create de facto issues on the ground,” he added.

On Nov. 1, Jordan recalled its ambassador from Israel and told Jerusalem not to return Israel’s ambassador to Amman.

A Jordanian Foreign Ministry missive stated that the move was a protest against the “raging Israeli war on Gaza, which is killing innocent people and causing an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.”

Israel declared war on Hamas following the terrorist organization’s slaughter of more than 1,200 people in Israel on Oct. 7.

The Jordanian statement made no mention of Hamas or the Oct. 7 torture and massacre of more than a thousand Israelis, nor did it mention the thousands of rockets fired at Israeli civilians.

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