Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson Lt. Col. Avichai Adraee / Twitter
Hezbollah operatives conducting reconnaissance along the Israeli border with Lebanon.

The IDF revealed Wednesday that Iran’s Lebanese proxy, the Hezbollah terrorist organization, has established a new frontal reconnaissance site to collect intelligence on the Lebanese border under the guise of activists with the “Green Without Borders” association.


“Hezbollah is once again grossly violating UN resolutions despite the Lebanese army’s presence in the region. This is further proof of the lie behind the activities of the Green Without Borders association,” IDF Arabic spokesperson Lt. Col. Avichai Adraee wrote in a tweet Wednesday afternoon.

“Green Without Borders” is a Lebanese association claiming to be involved in environmental protection with an emphasis on forest protection along the Lebanese border with Israel – but in practice the organization operates positions on the border in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, Adraee noted.

This is not the first time Hezbollah has engaged in such activity. In 2017, the IDF Spokesperson released two videos showing Hezbollah operatives carrying out reconnaissance and gathering information on Israel under the guise of “Green Without Borders.”

A year later, additional positions were established near the border by terrorist group.

The IDF published new photos documenting Hezbollah operatives at the site in a series of tweets written in Arabic by Adraee, making it clear to those across the border their activities are under surveillance.

“We unveil a new reconnaissance site set up by Hezbollah with the aim of collecting intelligence on the border under the cover of “Green Without Borders,” Adraee wrote.

“In this site, Hezbollah terrorists are operating under cover as association activists; their actions are documented, and their photos are hereby exposed.”

IDF Northern Command Major General Amir Baram said Tuesday at a memorial service for victims of the 2006 Second Lebanon War that “construction of Hezbollah front positions on the border has recently intensified.

“We know them by name and where they come from. When the day arrives, they will pay the price, they and those who sent them and also the villages allowing them to use their site as a military base for terror,” Baram said.

“The IDF and security force will continue to act as necessary to maintain security in the area and to counter any attempt to violation Israel’s sovereignty,” he added.

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