Photo Credit: Lebanon Twitter
Ali Kajak - Hezbollah Terrorist

Hezbollah terrorist Ali Kajak participated in the launching of 19 rockets at Israel’s north on Friday, IDF spokesman in Arabic Avichay Adraee exposed.

Kajak was one of the Hezbollah men who were attacked and captured by Druze from the village of Shwayya shortly after firing rockets from the vicinity of their towns. Footage of him hiding in a car was broadcast throughout the Arab world.


Hezbollah terrorists fired 19 rockets into Israel on Friday from Lebanon. The Iron Dome defense system intercepted 10 of the rockets. Another six exploded in open spaces in Israel, and three fell short in Lebanon. No injuries or damage were caused by the attack.

The IDF immediately shelled targets in Lebanon in a limited fashion, and stated that “we will not tolerate any aggression against Israeli civilians and remain prepared for any operational situation.” However, the IDF has yet to respond in a comprehensive manner.

Kajak was apparently known to the IDF, as Adraee said that the IDF had previously documented him paroling near Israel’s border with Lebanon, “a usual conduct for Hezbollah terrorists – in civilian clothes to violate international resolutions that bind the Lebanese state.”

He accused Kajak and Hezbollah of carrying out the rocket attacks in civilian clothing, and near the Druze village, with the intention of dragging Lebanon into a confrontation with Israel.

The firing of the rockets while in civilian clothes and Hezbollah’s general conduct “is further evidence of the terrorist party’s disregard for Lebanese sovereignty, Lebanese sects and international decisions,” he said.

The Lebanese Army said it arrested Kajak and another three terrorists involved in the rocket fire.

However, footage posted on social media shows that he was released, and was greeted as a hero in his town.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah slammed the incident in which the Hezbollah operatives were intercepted, describing it “as a regrettable and shameful incident that has dangerous indications.”

“When I saw the footage of the incident I was impressed. I hoped that I could reach those fighters and kiss their hands and their foreheads,” said Nasrallah.


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