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Map of Lebanon-Israel maritime border dispute. (Pre-Maritime Agreement)

The President of Lebanon: Lebanon agrees to the final version of the maritime border demarcation agreement, but will not recognize the buoy-line as the border line.

During a public speech this evening, Lebanese president Michel Aoun announced that Lebanon officially agrees to the final written version of the maritime border demarcation agreement with Israel.


Aoun also noted:

1. The agreement meets all of Lebanon’s requirements and defends its right [to its natural resources – Abu Ali].

2. Lebanon will not normalize its relations with Israel under any circumstances. We reject normalization outright.

3. Lebanon did not give up a single kilometer for Israel. We have obtained full rights over Qana.

4. Lebanon does not recognize the buoy line [a significant clause: the status quo is maintained but Israel’s demand to have this line recognized as the international border between the countries was not accepted – Abu Ali].

5. “The resistance” [Hezbollah – Abu Ali] proved that it is a force for Lebanon. You defended the Lebanese position in the negotiations as you did during conflicts.

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