Photo Credit: Twitter @Ali_Wehbi
Citizens of Beirut burn the Hezboolah flag during post-election riots. May 7, 2018

Citizens of Beirut, many supporting Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri, took to the streets on Monday protesting Hezbollah’s victory in the polls, while Hezbollah supporters stormed into Sunni neighborhoods, shooting guns in the air, to celebrate their factions gaining a majority in the parliament.

Hundreds of supporters of one of the independent candidates called for a recount and protested in front of their interior ministry, after what they believe was an unexplained loss at the polls.


Lebanese citizens were filmed burning Hezbollah flags. Reports indicate that things soon turned violent.

There are reports of gun battles raging between Hezbollah (and Amal) supporters and the opposition.

The Lebanese army has been deployed throughout the city in an attempt to try and restore the calm.

Motorcycles have been banned in Beirut for the next 72 hours, apparently after a pro-Hezbollah motorcycle convoy was shot at.

Israeli Minister Naftali Bennett said that Lebanon now equals Hezbollah after the elections.

Is this day one of Lebanon’s latest civil war, or will it blow over once the Lebanese people accept that Iran is now officially their new master?