Photo Credit: MDA
Rocket strike in the upper Galil. August 4, 2021

The rocket alert went off in northern Israel, at 12:15 PM on Wednesday. The alert was heard in the Upper Galil, Tel Hai, Kfar Giladi, and Kiryat Shemona. Residents of Kiryat Shemona report hearing an explosion.

Red Alert in the Upper Galil. August 4, 2021

Pictures and videos on social media show what appears to be a fire started from a rocket strike. According to the IDF, three rockets were launched at Israel, and two hit. The third fell short and landed in Lebanon.


MDA has updated their status report. 4 Israelis are being treated for shock, but with no physical injuries. As this is vacation season in Israel, the upper Galil is a popular tourist area.

Arab sources report that the IDF subsequently launched artillery fire at the source of the enemy attack. This has since been confirmed by the IDF.

Lebanese media report the IDF is hitting back at the Al-Khiam region.

As Wednesday afternoon, the IDF has launched 3 rounds of artillery fire in response to the rockets.

The fires started by the rockets are still burning.

Fires near Kiryat Shemona from the rocket fire from Lebanon. August 4, 2021

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