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The 6th New Horizon anti-Zionist conference, in Mashhad, Iran, 2018

The International Institute of Independent Thinkers and Artists, a.k.a. New Horizon, a Tehran-based NGO, on Monday launched the seventh annual New Horizon anti-Zionist conference in Beirut, Lebanon, featuring “renowned figures from different countries, including countries in the Middle East, North and South America and Europe.”

The 7th New Horizon anti-Zionist conference, in Beirut, Lebanon, 2019 / Fars News

American and European “high-ranking anti-Zionist and anti-imperialist” academics, political & military figures, media analysts, writers, activists, singers, actors, movie critics and filmmakers will address the conference, some of them via video conferencing, because the FBI would not permit them to participate in person.


The three-day event focuses on Israel’s influence on United States foreign policy, particularly under President Donald Trump’s tenure; political rifts within the US; Washington’s sanctions and their impacts on world order; and the role of religious convergence in dialog among civilizations.

Iranian filmmaker Nader Talebzadeh, chairman and founder of New Horizon, delivered a speech about “Israel’s recent acts of aggression and the US support for the Israeli regime.” Talebzadeh and his wife have been put on the US sanctions’ blacklist for participating in the conference.

Talebzadeh has filed a petition with the US Treasury, appealing the decision, and stressed that the sanctions were planned by “Zionists inside America,” including Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (who is Jewish – DI).

Talebzadeh graduated from Columbia University.


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