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Airport in Lebanon

The Electricity Authority of Lebanon announced on Wednesday night that the al-Zahrani and Deir Ammar power stations ceased operations due to the operating company’s financial debt.

Lebanon’s Central Bank refuses to approve additional credit to the Lebanese Electricity Company to operate the power plants, that is, without legislation backing such a move (the bank refuses to accept responsibility for the matter and wants Parliament to take responsibility – Abu Ali).


Following the situation, Lebanon’s International Airport in Beirut has started operating on electric generators – until fuel runs out. Meanwhile, the European Union’s Aviation Safety Agency has highlighted critical issues that require immediate attention in Beirut’s airport, ranging from problems in air traffic control, communication, navigation, surveillance, and weather reporting.

Lebanese media outlets have reported instances of water pumping being interrupted in various regions across Lebanon due to the ongoing power outages. Consequently, this has led to a disruption in the water supply to certain households.

Simultaneously, the communication company “Ogero” has reported problems in internet services in multiple areas within Lebanon due to the persisting power outages.

In response to the situation, Lebanon’s Prime Minister Mikati has contacted the president of the “Prime South” company, and assured the Lebanese government’s commitment to offset a portion of the company’s debt (7 million dollars) so that the company, responsible for operating power plants in the country, maintains electricity production.

Reportedly, the company is poised to bring both power plants that were brought offline on Wednesday within the next few hours on Thursday.

In light of that, Prime Minister of Lebanon Najib Mikati condemned the absence of members of parliament from an important meeting intended to approve an economic recovery plan for Lebanon. Only 53 members out of 128 were present in the parliament – which prevented the possibility of approving the plan.


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