Photo Credit: USAF Staff Sgt. Brian J. Valencia
F-16 Fighting Falcon (Suffa)

The Al-Nayrab air base near Aleppo in northern Syria came under attack Sunday night, according to a report by Syria’s official SANA state news agency.

“The Zionist enemy … targets one of our military sites north of Nairab airport, causing only material damage,” said Syrian state news agency SANA, quoting a military source who claimed the air strike was an attempt by Israel to support rebels in southern Syria, where government forces have conquered the province of Dara’a, along Israel’s northern border.


The warplanes allegedly fired two missiles that struck targets and caused “material damage,” according to Syrian state television news reports.

Other unconfirmed Arab media reports claimed up to 10 “Israeli” missiles struck an air base that held Iranian military forces.

No injuries were initially reported but damage was confirmed in the attack, according to Reuters.

There was no comment from the Israel Defense Force nor from Israeli government officials.

This is a developing story.