Violent explosions rocked the eastern countryside of Homs after midnight between Sunday and Monday, caused by targeting by Israeli warplanes of the T4 Military Airbase east of Homs, where warehouses and military bases of the Revolutionary Iranian Guards are located, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Monday morning.

According to the Observatory, the attack resulted in at least 5 persons being killed, including a soldier of the regime army, as well as several injured with varying severity. The report says the number of casualties may increase because of some of the injuries are serious.


The attack destroyed vehicle and missiles depots.

The Observatory on Sunday documented additional casualties after the Israeli airstrikes that targeted positions of Iranians, Hezbollah, regime forces, and the Iranian militias south and southwest of Damascus and Quneitra, where at least 10 people were killed, seven of whom are probably foreign militias, and 3 Syrian army soldiers.

The Observatory has learned that in Israel’s Sunday raids the missiles fired by Israeli warplanes targeted areas near Al-Husseiniyah and Al-Kiswah south and south-west of the capital Damascus, where positions and warehouses of the Iranians and Hezbollah are located within military sections of the regime forces.

Sunday’s attack was presented as retaliation following the firing of two rockets at IDF positions in the Golan, by a Hezbollah force that was south of Damascus.