Photo Credit: Pixabay

The Israel Security Agency (ISA), Israel Police, and the IDF have recently uncovered a mechanism for the transfer of money by couriers between the Hamas headquarters in Turkey, the Gaza Strip and Hebron, the ISA reported Thursday.

The axis began operations in early 2016, at the initiation of Muhammad Maher Bader, a Hebron-based senior Hamas terrorist and member of the PA Legislative Council. Bader recruited two Hamas Hebron residents to transfer illegal funds, who were sent to Turkey under the guise of business trips.


The two men transferred funds from Turkey to Hebron, where they were used to underwrite the local Hamas headquarters, particularly the Hamas MPs in the PA. The money was also used to pay the salaries of Hamas terrorists after their release from Israeli security prisons.

In Turkey, the two agents met several times with Hamas senior official Haroun Nasser al-Din, who also hails from Hebron. He provided them with thousands of dollars in cash, which they turned into merchandize they imported to Hebron, where it was sold and the money was turned over to Hamas.

The ISA investigation revealed that as much as $200,000 were transferred via this money-transfer axis. The group was also planning to build a cement factory to be owned by Hamas and be used to launder money.

As the investigation is reaching its conclusion these days, the military prosecution is expected to indict the suspects who are in ISA custody.