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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scolded US Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) on Wednesday for requesting Secretary of State John Kerry to investigate Israel for alleged “gross violations of human rights” in a February letter leaked to Politico.

“The IDF and Israel Police do not engage in executions,” Netanyahu responded sharply. “Israel’s soldiers and police officers defend themselves and innocent civilians with the highest moral standards against bloodthirsty terrorists who come to murder them.”


“Where is the concern for the human rights of the many Israelis who’ve been murdered and maimed by these savage terrorists?” Netanyahu asked. “This letter should have been addressed instead to those who incite youngsters to commit cruel acts of terrorism.”

Leahy’s letter, dated February 17, 2016 and addressed to Kerry, requested that the State Department provide information on whether American aid to Israel and Egypt is contributing to “possible gross violations of human rights.” The letter, in effect, suggested that aid to Israel and Egypt would be illegal under the Leahy Law.

Netanyahu’s reaction comes on the same day as IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot issued a special memorandum to Israel’s armed forces clarifying its regulations on the use of force. “The fate of Israel depends on two things: its strength and its righteousness,” the memo quotes from David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister.

“We will continue to support any soldier who errs in the heat of battle,” Eizenkot continues, “but we will not hesitate to bring to justice soldiers and commanders who stray from our operational and moral standards.”



  1. Leahy, the same VT senator that supported the Pentagon’s decision to throw out a soldier who protected a young boy from being raped in Afghanistan, with leahy calling the soldier a “racist islamophobe” who “doesn’t understant mulsim culture “

  2. Indeed, Israel does not execute terrorists, but daily TERRORISTS EXECUTE ISRAELIS! Nobody at the U.N. is addressing this matter, but they are also up in arms that a soldier, in the heat of battle, erred! As to the continuous incitement to murder by Hamas and the P.A.— that's evidently OK. Truly, this world is standing on it's head at present.

  3. In January, 2016, Netanyahu told Fareed Zakaria that he is prepared to negotiate at any time for peace with Abbas. "So where is he?" Netanyahu asked.
    Abbas for his part can be seen in recent Arabic videos praising jihadists terrorists for stabbing people and vehicular attacks against people.
    A few weeks ago, a Christian American grad student, Tyler Force, who was earning an MBA at Vanderbilt, was in Israel to study successful start-ups there, but he was MURDERED by a jihadist — the same kind of jihadist whom Abbas praises in Arabic and says will be rewarded by Allah in heaven as a martyr.
    I OBSERVE that a Muslim Congressman signed this letter, asking to have Israel found guilty for trying to protect its people, and visitors, against jihadist terrorist who have been told by their leader, Abbas, to stab and kill people.
    Andre Carson of Indiana is the Muslim Congressman who wants Abbas to be rewarded for the murder of Tyler Force.

  4. It looks more and more to me that the EU and US don’t agree wholeheartedly with how important EU membership of former Soviet eastern block countries is. Some say fear fuels the desire for EU expansion, others claim it’s trade and some feel it may also be a desire to simply expand. The latter of course is where some people in the US are starting to have doubts about NATO membership. Another area of concern is that Turkey oft times refuses access to it’s military bases and that clearly puts membership in NATO into question as far as it being a viable and reliable asset for it’s members. After all if you’re in need of a NATO members base in order to promote a NATO cause and it’s refused, what kind of membership do you truly have? I ALSO SEE US SUPPORT TO ISRAEL TAPERING OFF. In my opinion it will be due to people who have bought in to the miss-inform about Israel supposedly occupying Arab land. They generally buy in to that type of talk due to getting just part of the history and largely ignoring the rest or they simply hate Jews and refuse to support them at all. Simply put I fear that I’m seeing a ground swell of people who want to terminate NATO membership, cut funding to Israel and very likely quit the UN as well. It’s something that I don’t like and adamantly disagree with; however, it’s gaining momentum. These changes in power, military and economic balances are all part of the end times spoken of in the Bible. I wrote a small book about the end times, Biblical prophecy, and the tribulation period. It’s just for your information and consideration and it’s free. I don’t even accept donations on my or anyone else’s behalf. It’s a short read of about 7 pages. I encourage you to take a look.

  5. Israel is ALWAYS to blame, when have we Jews NOT been the “bad guy”??
    The Boogie man?!
    The U.N. is poisoned and anti-Israel, so that sets a MAJOR tone internationally. And I can only bet that Obama will be working there soon after his sabotage work in the Oval Office is complete, making the word even MORE anti-Israel.

  6. The state of Israel must explain to Sen. Patrick Leahy and to all nations that to kill enemies in war is not extrajudicial execution, and that the Palestinian Arab terrorists are war enemies, because they are making war against Israel, because they are killing the Jews, so that the state of Israel must kill all of them, as God commanded, as it is written in the Bible, in Deuteronomy 20:10-18.

    The true ethics is to obey the commandments of Yahveh, and Yahveh commanded Israel to kill all the enemies in the war, as it is written in the Bible, in Deuteronomy 20:10-18. So, the true ethics of war is to kill all the war enemies.

    The state of Israel must kill all the Arab terrorists, including those who are imprisoned and those who are minor, because the Arab terrorists are making war against Israel, so that they are war enemies, and it is written in the Torah, in Devarim (Deuteronomy) 20:10-18, that God commanded Israel to kill all the war enemies. The war enemies must be killed immediately, and not submitted to trial. The state of Israel must kill the Arab terrorists, instead of arresting them.

    The Palestinian Arabs are making war against Israel, because they are killing the Jews. So, the Palestinian Arabs are war enemies. Therefore, the state of Israel must kill all the Palestinian Arabs, because it is written in the Torah, in Deuteronomy 20:10-18, that God commanded Israel to kill all the war enemies.

    The state of Israel must expel the Arabs from its territory, which includes the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, because it is written in the Torah, in Shemot (Exodus) 23:31-33 and in Bamidbar (Numbers) 33:52, that God commanded Israel to expel the other inhabitants of the Land of Canaan, which is the Land of Israel, which includes all the Palestine. The Arabs invaded the Land of Israel in the year 635 CE, so that they are invaders, and must leave Israel, and return to their own land, which is Arabia. This is not racism, because any person, of any race or ethnicity, can convert to Judaism. Moreover, the Palestinian Arabs are killing the Israeli Jews, so that the Israeli Jews need to expel the Palestinian Arabs from the Land of Israel (Palestine), as self defense, in order to save their lives.

    The rulers of the state of Israel who did not expel the Arabs from the Land of Israel, as God commanded in Numbers 33:52, are also guilty for the death of Shalom Yohai Sherki, Adelle Biton, Danny Gonen, Alexander Levlovitz, Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin and the other Jews who were killed by Arabs. The state of Israel must expel the Arabs from the Land of Israel right now, before they kill other Jews.

  7. The obession of the filth of the world to bait the Jew, is supernatural. You can't get more deranged then the Leftist obession with finding moral defects in Jews. These Leftist are at the lowest-concious level of human functioning to be still call part of humanity. Some say it is a spill over from the demonic dogmas of Christianity, yet you find it in Islam, indicating that the source is much deeper, more primal. After 1000s of years of believing and acting steeped in corrupt false ideologies the nations of the world have finally reached the doors to their hell.

  8. Leahey, wants an investigation of Israeli supposedly going into Rabaa demonstation. The fact is that the police say that did not happen. What did happen there were pro morsi demonstrator all Mulim Brotherhood went up against a group that is pro government. People were told to stay in there home and close and dark out all windows Fight began killing several police trying to stop it. Over 600 were killed. The government is investigating what happened. I no way did I find any comment mentioning Israeli Special forces. Rather than blowing money on an investigtation call SiSi.

    Leahy as well as Obama had done no service for Israel. First it is not Israel going out stabbing, shooting, running over with cars, and blow up carrying suicide belt. This is Palestine. Isreal will leg go on the Palestinians soon, But I hope they annex all Israeli territory. Offer Palestinians citizenship and if they refuse they need to find a country they would be wecome in. Israel will relocate them. Others deport to where ever. Time to stop the Palestinian hate and killing.

  9. Leahy needs to sit down and shut up, lest someone remind him that the United States, by giving aid to Haiti, is promoting gross violation of human rights… of children. We condone the practice of Restavik children, of which there are over 500,000 in Haiti, sold and traded into slavery by their own parents. Never being sent to school, never being loved or cared for, lives always in imminent danger because of their slave positon, the owners of these children send them on errands into the most base and filthy parts of Haiti (well, where is a GOOD place in Haiti, actually) while they stay safe at home. Some are sold by their parents into slavery as babies, some at the age of three and four… some barely speak, and thousands of them were abandoned to starve and worse, after the earthquake six years ago. The owners fled to the DR. We know about it and we condone it, and so does the UN.

  10. Indredible that all of this OK (to human rights activists) and the daily PREMEDITATE AND INCITED murder of Israelis is OK, but to kill a killer (no premediation) IS NOT OK!!! The concept of human justice, human rights, and the UN has become a farce.

  11. Moishe, Randy. I would not have agreed with you 6 months ago, and I was delighted that he won the election etc. BUT NOW – he needs to APOLOGISE to the nation and all of the soldiers and their parents. You cannot equate the neutralization of a committed terrorist who was felled in action with killing of people who are going about their day-to-day life, whether they are soldiers protection their nation, or just civilians in plain clothes.

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