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Testimony by a senior intelligence agent, “Tzuri” with the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) will lead this week to the release of a right-wing activist from administrative detention, according to an exclusive report by The Jerusalem Post.

The testimony is contained in “top secret” court transcripts that were released to The Post due to an order by the Lod District Court, citing the public interest.


Administrative detention is used when a suspect is considered dangerous but some of the evidence must be withheld for reasons of national security.

In this case, the activist, born in 1999, (name under gag order), was placed under administrative detention in June.

During questioning by civil rights activist and attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, however, “Tzuri” contradicted himself on evidence that had been used to authorize the administrative detention. He also revealed information he had previously withheld from the court, including the fact that “victims” who were attacked by the defendant were people with criminal records, rather than innocent bystanders.

Furthermore, the record shows “Tzuri” admitted to stretching the facts about the defendant’s actions in order to convince a judge that he was dangerous enough to detain.

As a result, although the court agreed to extend the detention in July, the Shin Bet made a decision to end the detention on August 19, rather than face an additional challenge in court by Ben-Gvir.