Photo Credit: Basel Awidat / Flash 90
Meir Ettinger, grandson of Rabbi Meir Kahane, seen at Magistrate's Court in the northern city of Nazareth.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Central District Court in Lod is due to deliver its decision concerning the state’s request to extend the administrative detention of Meir Ettinger, grandson of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, legal aid society Honenu said in a statement Monday night.

Ettinger was arrested about seven months ago under an administrative order signed by Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon. His initial detention was for six months, but about one month ago he was issued a four-month extension.


Administrative Detention is a legal device left over by the British mandatory government, which permits the government to arrest a person not for things he has done but for things he would do. It’s a little like Tom Cruise’s movie, “Minority Report,” but without the slippery clairvoyants, only slippery military prosecutors.



  1. Israel is no democracy. Can you imagine administartive detention in the United States? The leftist NGOs are behind this. Israel does not have a legitimate government. They have a gangster regime. Everything is done through bribery. They side with terrorist with scissors ,they release killers over the cries of orphans to kill again,they aim for the legs of terrorist killers and give those who are shot first rate health treatment. Loyal Jews are to be jailed.

  2. –Shame on You, Israel. Shame! Shame! Rabbi Kahane was also "detained in an Israeli prison, for nothing more than expressing his opinion, which, by the way turned out to be the TOTAL TRUTH. He predicted all the problems Israel is having with the "Israeli" Arabs who live among Jewish Israelis, enjoying the highest standard of living of any other Arabs/Muslims in the area, enjoying educational & employment opportunities, healthier and longer life expectancy, equal political opportunities, and more. –Rabbi Kahane said that NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING would make the Arabs happy except to turn Israel into an Islamic state under Sharia Law. They CANNOT accept Sharia Law AND Democracy at the same time, unless they were to be Schizophrenic. He didn't make up the rules. He just "said it like it is!" And Israel imprisoned him for it. Now his grandson gets the same treatment?
    –Those who don't learn from the Past are doomed to repeat it! Get that boy OUT of prison!!!!!

  3. Some fool dare call this a democracy? Article Two: Treason
    Impairment of sovereignty or integrity of the State
    97. (a) If a person commits an act liable to impair the sovereignty of the state with the intention to impair that sovereignty, then he is liable to the death penalty or to life imprisonment.
    (b) if a person commits an act liable to remove any area from the sovereignty of the state or place it under the sovereignty of a foreign state with the intention to bring that about, then he is liable to the death penalty or to life imprisonment.

  4. this situation is as bad as it gets – almost on a par with the episode regarding the ship "Atalena" – which had brought enough arms and ammunition to equip six battalions in Israel but was blown out of the water upon BenGurion's orders on 22nd June 1948 – killing multitudes of Irgun. – When a Jew pits against another Jew all is meaningless and a shundah.

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