Photo Credit: UnXeptable NYC 4 ISRAELI DEMOCRACY
The anarchists’ WatsApp group disseminated this photo of MK Simcha Rothman in a park at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, June 1,2023.

Earlier this week I reported that anti-judicial reform anarchists calling themselves “NYC for Democracy” were planning to sabotage one of the nicest and most colorful pro-Israel events in New York City, this Sunday’s Celebrate Israel Parade up Fifth Avenue, from 57th to 74th Street (Well Financed Anarchists Plan to Ruin Israel Day Parade in NYC).

I didn’t tell you that I also joined the quiet WhatsApp group UnXeptable NYC 4 ISRAELI DEMOCRACY, a group which, like Israeli anarchists, is modeling itself after the Fascistic Falange party in pre-Franco’s Spain, combining claims of fierce loyalty to the state with rebellion against the elected government, peppered with hatred and racism, and attacks on both the political left and right as “enemies.”


On their website, they declare: “UnXeptable is a grassroots movement launched by Israel ex-pats in support of a democratic Israel. We call on world Jewry to come together and preserve the democratic identity of Israel as the home of all Jewish people.”

They boast a dozen chapters in North America, about half that in Europe, one chapter in Japan, and two in Australia. How much of this represents more than the guy who declared himself (or herself) a chapter? Well, judging by the video of their demonstration outside the Bna’i Jeshurun synagogue in Englewood, NJ, there are around 100 of them in the NYC area, all boomers. It’s a perfect combination: fascistic aspirations and Social Security.

About 100 Boomers demonstrated outside Bna’i Jeshurun synagogue in Englewood, NJ, when MK Simcha Rothman was speaking inside. / Screenshot of Ilya Magnes video

Their WhatsApp group got ugly very quickly. On Thursday, they messaged: “At 6 in the morning, we went to say WELCOME to Minister Nir Barkat from the Likud, who landed here and was smuggled to his ‘secret’ hotel so he won’t meet us.

“Who is getting this week to Downtown Manhattan, around the World Trade Center?

“This is Minister Barkat’s hotel, hop in, and when you have the chance, tell him what you think of the Judicial coup he and his friends are planning!”

The message provided a Google Maps link to the Millennium Hotel at 55 Church Street downtown, where Barkat was staying.

Anti Rothman graphics on WhatsApp, Jue 1, 2023 / UnXeptable NYC 4 ISRAELI DEMOCRACY

And then it got outright scary, when the group sent out a picture of MK Sicha Rothman sitting on a park bench, looking at his phone, with the caption: “Spotted: Simcha Rothman Now in Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall. – who can tell him what we think??? Go now! There are a few of us there waiting!”

And once again, a Google Maps link was provided.

On Thursday afternoon, the group sent out this message:

“TONIGHT June 1: 8:15 at Bna’i Jeshurun, Englewood!

“So, after we met him on the street in the morning and told him what we think about the coup he is promoting, and an hour ago members of our community recognized him in his hotel (!) – Tonight we are all coming all together to convey a very clear message: There is nothing Jewish and nothing Zionists in the destruction of Israeli democracy.

“We start at 8:15, COME at 8:00 to take flags and signs! See you soon!”

By the way, you know these are not US-born Jews because their ad (above) designated the Orthodox shul Bna’i Jeshurun as a “Temple,” God forbid. They also spelled it “B’nei,” the way only a DIB would.

And on Friday morning:

A call to disrupt an appearance by Ofir Soffer, Jue 2, 2023. / UnXeptable NYC 4 ISRAELI DEMOCRACY

“While we are organizing for the protest in front of Rothman tonight, this is a reminder of tomorrow, Friday:

“4 PM in a meeting with the Minister of Religious Zionism Ofir Sofer at ‘The Israeli House.’

“8:15 in the evening on Shabbat in front of the delegation’s meeting with the agency’s envoys at the Westin Grand Central Hotel – come, come, come!!!”

A call to disrupt Kabalat Shabbat, June 2, 2023. / UnXeptable NYC 4 ISRAELI DEMOCRACY

Rothman, for his part, responded in the Englewood Orthodox synagogue: “I say to the leaders of the protest against the right-wing government today: have you not damaged the unity of the people and the army, incited and acted violently in Israel?”

No, they aren’t even close. What the boomers in NYC and the mostly boomers in Tel Aviv want is to undo the election results, in a shlepped-out version of the January 6, 2021 insurrection.

Let’s hope the Manhattan cops are as vigilant on Sunday in securing the parade on Fifth Avenue, as the Englewood cops were in protecting MK Simcha Rothman.

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