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Ron Yitzchak Kukia, HY"D. Murdered by terrorists on Nov. 30, 2017

by Aryeh Savir

On Tuesday, the Be’er Sheva District Court convicted the terrorist Khaled Abu Juada on charges of murdering IDF Nahal Brigade Sergeant Ron Kukia in November 2017.


A second terrorist, Zachy, Khaled’s brother, is charged with attempted murder. Both are members of a local Bedouin tribe.

According to the indictment, the terrorists wanted to harm soldiers in the Arad area and conducted field observations in preparation for the attack. They initially planned to kidnap a soldier, but then decided to kill one instead and take his weapon to use in further attacks.

When the terrorist spotted Kukia waiting for a ride at the bus stop he stabbed him several times, snatched his weapon and fled. Ron sought help from passers-by while bleeding from his wounds, but eventually collapsed and the medical personnel who arrived on site were forced to pronounce him dead.

The terrorist told the Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency) after his arrest that he carried out the attack because he wanted to do something “for the Palestinians” and as revenge for the IDF operations.

The investigation further revealed that he identified with terror organizations and espoused extreme Muslim ideas.

Kukia’s father, Boaz, said at the court on Tuesday that the family expects the State Prosecutor’s Office to demand the death penalty for the terrorist and that he hopes the law enabling the death penalty for terrorists will be passed by the Knesset.


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