Photo Credit: Tzuria Zeevi / TPS
The "Saalam" Border Police Station. May 7, 2021

The terror attack on Saalam Border Police station in the Shomron last week was not supposed to happen. In the attack, three terrorists opened fire on the police station. The quick acting policemen and policewomen returned fire killing two of the terrorists and seriously wounding the third. No one was injured in the attack.

It turns out, the three terrorists were not supposed to be there. According to the IDF, the terrorists left behind wills that said they were planning to go to Jerusalem to commit their terror attack.


They had gotten onto a minibus that morning, attempting to sneak into Jerusalem with the other passengers. Their plan was to get into Jerusalem and open fire on Jews in the city.

The Border Police happened to stop the bus, and noting that a number of the passengers did not have permits to enter Jerusalem, made everyone get off. The IDF says the bus driver, an Israeli Arab, did not know he was transporting terrorists.

The terrorists, no longer able to get to Jerusalem to commit their mega attack, decided to open fire with their automatic weapons at the base of well-trained policemen.

The Border Policemen responded properly and a mega terror attack was foiled.


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