Photo Credit: Igal Lahav/ Karnei Shomron Local Council
Soldiers stand near the dead terrorist at the Dorot Illit farm. March 10, 2023

The owner of the Dorot Illit farm, located near Maaleh Shomron and Karnei Shomron, killed an armed terrorist attempting to break into a home on the farm on Friday morning. The terrorist was armed with a knife and improvised explosives (pipe bombs).

Knives and explosives found with the dead terrorist in the Dorot Illit farm. March 10, 2023

The owner of the farm spotted the armed terrorist trying to break into one of the homes. The terrorist reportedly yelled Alahu Akhbar, threw one of the explosives at him, and the farmer shot and killed him.

Security confirmed no other terrorists infiltrated into the farm, but they did find 2 more explosive devices. No one was injured.


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