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Israel Prison Service personnel guard terrorists caught during the Oct. 7 massacre and IDF operations in the Gaza Strip, at a prison in southern Israel, Feb. 14, 2024.

By Avi Cohen and Israel Hayom Staff

(Israel Hayom via JNS) A Hamas terrorist who attacked on Oct. 7 and who needed pelvic surgery in Israel but was initially refused treatment underwent the procedure over the weekend at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center’s Ichilov Hospital.


The issue of granting medical care to the detained terrorists of the Nukhba Force—the elite Hamas unit that spearheaded the massacres of Oct. 7—has been a source of controversy in Israel in recent months, often causing clashes between protesters and police.

On Thursday evening, during a right-wing protest near the Kirya military headquarters complex in Tel Aviv, police received notice that a terrorism suspect was being transferred to the hospital for surgery. Officers prepared to secure the hospital amid concerns over public disturbances.

Though the ambulance transporting the suspect arrived, the hospital initially refused to admit him for treatment, citing the lack of proper prearrangements. After half an hour, the ambulance turned around.

However, it has now emerged that over the weekend, security officials arranged for the surgery on the suspect per the rotation schedule for hospitals set by the Health Ministry. The suspect underwent the required pelvic surgery.

In response, Ichilov Hospital stated: “Like all hospitals, Ichilov operates according to the directives of the Health Ministry and the government of Israel on this complex issue.”

Originally published by Israel Hayom.

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