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Arab youths from Tulkarem in the Palestinian Authority display Hamas flags on the sideline of a victory parade on October 13, 2023, one week after the Hamas massacre of Israeli women, children, and babies.

The Regavim Movement publicized a catalog of official Palestinian Authority expressions of support for Hamas, including calls for donations, encouragement for Hamas terrorists, and calls for active participation in confrontations with Israeli civilians and troops.

Additional proof of Palestinian support for Hamas atrocities, drawn from Palestinian social media, includes footage of Fatah militants participating in the battles in Israel’s Gaza border communities and “selfies” of Fatah militants showing off spoils of war, ransacking and looting.


There is also an official PA spokesperson’s statement, aired on Israel’s Channel 11: “We do not condemn any side, and if it is necessary that we condemn anyone, that would be the only democratic state in the Middle East.”

Regavim also shared a Palestinian Authority Religious Endowments Office document calling on imams to use their Friday sermons to call for all forms of support for Hamas’s activities in Gaza.

As visual documentation of the horrors of the massacre carried out at the Nova Festival, in the Jewish communities of the Gaza Envelope, and along southern Israeli highways began to circulate on digital and world media outlets, politicians and media commentators in Israel and around the world began to fully internalize and express the equation Hamas is ISIS, in an attempt to expose the inhuman cruelty perpetrated by Hamas and to make it clear that the murderous terror attack of October 7 was not merely an expression of a localized conflict or the Israeli-Palestinian “peace process,” but an illustration of the threat of radical Islam that threatens the entire world.

The video below shows Abbas Zaki, a senior member of Fatah, acknowledging and admiring the Hamas fighters for the murderous attack, claiming that they are “our brothers, who are all part of the resistance.” Later in the same video, Regavim added a medley of images of Fatah fighters showing off the loot they collected after the battle in Kibbutz Kisufim in the Gaza envelope on October 7.

For a rich archive of PA and other Arab propaganda videos, check out Palestinian Media Watch.

“We must not enable the ‘Hamas are the bad guys and the PA are the good guys’ narrative,” says Meir Deutsch, Director General of Regavim. “The Palestinian Authority’s repeated declarations of unwavering support for Hamas demands that we wake up before the Arabs of Judea and Samaria give repeat performances of the Simchat Torah Massacre all over Israel.”

Deutsch adds: “For years, official policy has held that peaceful coexistence with the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria and with Hamas in Gaza are attainable through economic considerations, work permits for Gazan laborers, and financial support of the PA and Hamas. This policy has failed miserably, and we have paid for this folly in blood. The Palestinians have exploited this policy to build a terrorist state and to improve and expand their terror capabilities. This is precisely what happened in Gaza. We can no longer rely on these failed concepts that have formed the core of Israel’s policy. Economic incentives feed the beast of terrorism, and Israel’s territorial concessions and political incentives have proven to be nothing less than suicidal.”


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