Photo Credit: Courtesy: Guetta Family
Yehuda Guetta, z"l

Yehuda Guetta, 19, one of the victims in the Tapuach Junction terror attack died from his wounds on Wednesday. Guetta had been shot in the head by the terrorist, and doctors have been fighting for his life. The announcement was made by Beilinson hospital.

The funeral will be held at 11 AM on Thursday morning.


Three yeshiva students were wounded in the attack. One is still in serious condition. The second victim was released and was lightly injured.

The IDF captured the Arab terrorist alive in a building in Kfar Silwad on Wednesday night, according to the Shabak. The terrorist was identified as Muntassir Shalabi, who also holds U.S. citizenship.

The terrorist will be well compensated by the Palestinian Authority’s “Pay to Slay” program. Though it is unclear if he needs the money. According to reports, Shalabi was an established businessman who became radicalized during his time in the United State and identifies with Hamas.


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