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Dizengoff terror victim Or Eshkar, 33, passed away on March 20, 2023

After he fought for his life for the past 11 days, 33-year-old Or Eshkar has succumbed to the grievous wounds he suffered earlier this month in a terrorist shooting attack in Tel Aviv.

Eshkar and his two friends, Rotem Mansano and Michael Osdon, were shot as they sat outside a café on Dizengoff Street just before heading to a friend’s wedding.


The 23-year-old terrorist Mutaz Salah al-Khawaja was a resident of the Palestinian Authority village of Ni’ilin who previously was sentenced twice to terms in an Israeli prison.

Gaza’s ruling Hamas terrorist organization claimed the 23-year-old killer was a member of the group. He was eliminated in a shootout with police officers shortly after the attack, was a member of the group.

Eshkar’s death was announced by Ichilov Medical Center, where he underwent intensive surgeries and initially, at least, his condition was stabilized. Sadly, Eshkar’s condition again deteriorated and he passed away during the day on Monday.

The hospital noted that Eshkar’s family has donated his organs.

Eshkar, who worked as a wedding DJ, had participated in the Iron Man triathlon last October.

“A light of a rare quality went out for us today, which showered only goodness, love and giving,” his mother, Natalie said in a statement following the announcement.

“We thank all the staff at the hospital, who for days and nights did everything they could with professionalism, devotion and sensitivity, and to the dozens of amazing friends who surrounded us day and night, hugged and cried together with us during the whole week, that will be engraved in our hearts forever, and to all the people of Israel who were with us, strengthened, supported and prayed – each in his own way and according to his faith.”

“We hoped and prayed, but unfortunately, Or Ascher, who was injured in the terror attack in Tel Aviv, succumbed to his wounds,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote in a statement.

“It’s heartbreaking. I extend my condolences to his family and friends. May his memory be a blessing.”

“My heart is torn by the death of Or Eshkar, who was fatally wounded in the terror attack at Dizengoff,” President Isaac Herzog wrote in a tweet.

“A few days ago, I spoke with his brave mother and together with all of the people of Israel I prayed for his recovery. I send condolences to his family, his partner, and his loved ones during this difficult time. May his memory be a blessing.”

At least 15 Israelis and one Ukrainian woman have been murdered by Arab terrorists since the start of this calendar year.

And unfortunately, Dizengoff, an iconic shopping area in central Tel Aviv, is among the popular targets for such attacks.

On April 7, 2022, three Israelis were killed, and at least six others were wounded by Palestinian Authority terrorist Ra’ad Hazam, who opened fire in a pub on Dizengoff Street.

The killer’s brother was eliminated several months later in a shootout between IDF soldiers and local operatives in the terrorist hotbed town of Jenin.


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