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President Joe Biden in Jerusalem, July 14, 2022.

Biden wants the Israeli Supreme Court to have the last word in Israel, but not the US Supreme Court in the US.

International law expert Eugene Kontorovich, sarcastically, raised the issue of the Biden administration, not only disrespecting the decisions of the US Supreme Court, but that President Biden’s is also threatening to take steps to bypass the Supreme Court’s decision. Kontorovich cynically suggested that Israel raise their concerns with the US administration as it threatens “our common values.”


Kontorovich stated, “Israel officials should raise serious concerns about threats to the rule of law and judicial independence in the U.S., which threaten our common values.”

President Biden tweeted that “We cannot let the Supreme Court’s decision on affirmative action be the last word.

Kontorovich’s statement was made in response to the Biden’s ongoing interference in internal Israeli matters regarding Israel’s judicial reform legislations, while pointing out the hypocrisy of Biden’s own administration when it comes to the US Supreme Court, after the court made a decision that his administration didn’t agree with, in this case their decision on ending Affirmative Action in higher education admissions.

The primary difference between the two countries is that while Biden may not like the US Supreme Court’s decision, it was made legally. In Israel, many decisions by the Israeli Supreme Court are not backed up by a legal (or constitutional) authority or mandate to make such decisions – and that’s one of the issues that the Israeli Judicial Reform bills, which Biden opposes, has been trying to legislate and fix.

President Biden opposes the US Supreme Court’s decision. June 30, 2023

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