Photo Credit: Lucy Parsons Project video screen grab via Twitter
BDS demonstrator in front of Manny's Cafe in San Francisco

A leftist Jewish café owner who proudly expressed his support for the State of Israel when opening his establishment this year is being faced with an ongoing parade of anti-Israel Boycott, Divest and Sanctions campaigners in front of his place, using bull horns, banners and social media to urge the public not to enter or patronize his café.

Manny Yekutiel, 29, has not, so far, been forced out of the Mission district of San Francisco by the Israel-haters, according to a report by The Daily Wire, quoting The Forward. But they’re working hard to make him and his patrons as miserable as possible in hopes they will eventually succeed.


Protesters led by the Lucy Parsons Project, a self-described “radical black queer direction action group” gather every Wednesday in front of the café along with other groups to vilify 29-year-old owner Manny Yekutiel for supporting Israel.

Yekutiel raised more than $75,000 from donors on Kickstarter to create the café, which has hosted numerous leftists, including incoming U.S. House of Representatives Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi, San Francisco Mayor London Breed and many others.

But protesters gather nevertheless to shout that Yekutiel was a “Zionist gentrifier,” and “Zionists out of the Mission!” They also urge protesters to join the weekly boycott and picket line: “Zionists out of Palestine and Zionists out of the Mission!!!”

On Saturday night, the group tweeted its glee at blocking so many Zionists!!! We Block All Zionists and will ever “dialogue” with power!!! From the River to the See (sic) Palestine Will Be Free” .

Some of the protesters can be quite vicious on Twitter, writing about “Israeli terrorism” and calling those who patronize Manny’s “white supremacist Zionists” who eat a meal “in support of Manny’s.” And for those who are not necessarily “white,” they have other words, including “woke wash,” and “woke” black “activist” celebs…

One has to be concerned about when the line eventually will be crossed from vicious rhetoric to outright violence, as it so often has been before.