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The IDF Marching Band awaiting President Joe Biden’s arrival at the Ben Gurion Airport, July 13, 2022.

On Wednesday, Today, the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of the State of Israel reaffirmed their commitment to elevating the strategic partnership between their two countries to new heights by launching the new Strategic High-Level Dialogue on Technology, tasked with establishing a US-Israel technological partnership on critical and emerging technologies and solutions to global challenges: pandemic preparedness, climate change, implementation of artificial intelligence, and trusted technology ecosystems. The dialogue will also reinforce existing collaboration mechanisms.

“The US-Israel relationship reflects our shared values and interests and the true friendship between our peoples. We pledge to boost our mutual innovation ecosystems, deepen bilateral engagements, advance and protect critical and emerging technologies in accordance with our national interests, democratic principles, and human rights, and address geostrategic challenges,” the two leaders said in an announcement that went out to the press ahead of Biden’s landing in Israel.


Here is the complete text:

First, we recognize the importance of the technological ties between the United States and Israel, along with other key partners and allies.
Second, we resolve to encourage innovative solutions to global challenges and promote a shared agenda in the international arena.
Third, we will advance and facilitate a high-level bilateral inter-agency dialogue led by the respective national security councils of the United States and Israel to enhance our collaboration on promoting and protecting critical and emerging technologies in areas of global concern:
– Pandemic preparedness: exploring cooperative tech R&D ventures, including technology for disease surveillance and early warning and rapid medical countermeasure responses.
– Trustworthy artificial intelligence: addressing important challenges, such as large-scale planning, implementation, and logistical challenges through multidimensional optimization by means of cutting-edge AI in the fields of transportation, medicine, and agriculture. This includes discussing evaluation and measurement tools for trustworthy AI, and risk management and privacy-enhancing technologies.
– Technology for addressing climate change: cooperative R&D ventures and/or deploying technologies to drive equitable climate solutions (e.g., water reuse, solid waste management, clean and renewable energy).
– Trusted tech ecosystems: exchange information and seek to increase coordination on policies on risk management in our innovation ecosystems, including research security, investment screening, and export controls, as well as on technology investment and protection strategies for critical and emerging technologies.
Fourth, the Strategic Dialogue on Technology will convene annually, alternating between the United States and Israel. The first meeting will take place in Israel in the fall of 2022, to discuss advancing specific projects in the fields for cooperation mentioned above.
Fifth, we affirm our commitment to expanding our cooperation to further areas and beginning an exchange program in quantum information science, so that the U.S. and Israel can jointly address strategic technology challenges and pursue our common goals for the mutual benefit of both our countries.
Joseph R. Biden Jr.
Yair Lapid
July 13, 2022

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