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Aid trucks driving onto the US-built temporary floating pier off the Gaza coast, May 17, 2024.

The floating JLOTS pier built by the US Navy was reinstalled Wednesday in order to move aid to the “marshalling area” on to the Gaza shore — but then will be dismantled, this time permanently, according to US officials who spoke with reporters on Tuesday.


Tons of humanitarian aid delivered to Cyprus for inspection by Israel before its delivery to Gaza still await collection, which is why the pier is being reassembled once again.

The $230 million pier was built this past May, intended to expand the delivery of food, medicine and other supplies to the “starving Gazans.”

More than 19.4 million pounds (8.6 million kilograms) of food has been delivered to Gaza via the pier since its original installation in May.

But stormy seas and security threats have combined to make the project more trouble than it’s worth — and frankly, there is no real famine in Gaza.

The markets in Gaza are full, from north to south, with products imported by merchants and other products provided by their Hamas terrorist masters and their allied gangs, who steal the aid before it reaches those for whom it is intended.

Supermarkets are also full.

Moreover, there have been numerous photos and videos posted to social media by the Gazans themselves, showing the huge piles of canned food that has been thrown away without ever having been consumed, and the delectable dishes they create with what is available.

Gazans, like many others in the Mediterranean region, prefer fresh food and supplies (such as flour, sugar, salt, etc) with which to make it.

The pier has repeatedly been disassembled in order to prevent damage by the high winds and strong Mediterranean Sea waves off the Gaza coast. At least one, the pier has broken off its moorings entirely, its parts later washing up on the Israeli coast in the port city of Ashdod.

This time, after all the remaining aid has been moved to the collection point on shore, the pier will be disassembled and removed permanently.

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