Photo Credit: US Embassy Tel Aviv
Then-President Trump's Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt, in Israel August 29-30, 2017.

Former White House adviser Jason Greenblatt slammed Democratic presidential candidate US Senator Elizabeth Warren on Friday for her enthusiastic willingness to skip this year AIPAC convention, as she did the year before.


In a tweet posted to social media, Greenblatt urged everyone to speak out against the senator’s enthusiastic response to the “SkipAIPAC” campaign being carried out by the anti-Israel organization, IfNotNow. “What an awful response from Elizabeth Warren,” he wrote. “Everyone should be speaking out against this.”

When asked by the IfNotNow co-founder, Emily Mayer, whether she would “join her” in committing to skipping the AIPAC conference this March, Warren swiftly responded, “Yeah,” and a moment later used the opportunity to talk about the “Israelis and Palestinians,” and how it was “important to bring them back to the negotiating table” in order to reach an agreement on a “two-state solution.”

It somehow seems to still escape Warren’s notice that the Trump Middle East Peace Plan already accomplishes precisely what she is claiming still needs to be done, and it is the “Palestinians” who have continued to refuse to “come to the negotiating table” since the start of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s first term in office in 2009.

It’s a reality that is conveniently ignored by every group that attempts to suggest any alternative to the plan offered by the Trump administration, simply because the plan is offered by President Trump — and frankly, that’s not a good enough reason to ignore it with so many lives at stake.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.