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These two Lakewood, NJ, Haredi Jews were walking to shul in a blizzzard, Jan. 29, 2022.

The employee of a company called Waste Management, Donny Klarmann, and his associate, Brandon Ebbs, on Saturday posted on their Facebook pages a video clip showing them dumping snow on two unsuspecting Lakewood Haredi Jews who are walking to shul during Shabbat’s blizzard, The Lakewood Scoop reported on Sunday.


The two Waste Management workers can be heard laughing hysterically, and according to News12, before Klarmann took down his Facebook page, which now cannot be accessed, he captioned the video: “This one’s for you JC.”

Waste Management told News12 Klarmann was off duty at the time the video was shot, and announced his suspension, stating: “The hateful conduct depicted in this video is unacceptable and does not reflect the values and inclusion of diversity we hold as a company.”

Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles told TLS Waste Management does not have a contract with his Town, and the authorities have asked anyone with direct information about the event to contact Detective Sgt. Nate Reyes, at 732-363-0200, extension 5345.

“I was appalled and shaken when I saw this video,” the Mayor told TLS. “Not only was it cruel but it was also incredibly stupid and dangerous. The plow could easily have thrown chunks of ice or rock and seriously injured or killed either of the victims. I am glad to know our police department is taking this as the serious incident it is.”

Police Chief Greg Meyer told TLS: “We will not tolerate this type of behavior, and are investigating this incident. We thank everyone who brought this incident to our attention.”

The ADL tweeted in response to TLS’ report: “We are absolutely disgusted by this video footage which appears to show a snowplow operator intentionally and callously targeting two Orthodox Jewish men. This conduct is as dangerous as it is disturbing and we urge the victims to file a report with the Lakewood PD.”

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