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Shiloh Winery in the Binyamin region of Samaria.

Four pro-Palestinian Authority organizations are spreading lies about an Israeli winery located in the Binyamin region of Samaria.

The groups are claiming the Shiloh Winery was built on land stolen from the villages of Qaryut and Turmusayya and should therefore be boycotted.


Several Judea and Samaria wineries, including Shiloh Winery, are slated to participate in an international wine conference scheduled for February 27 in New Jersey, organized by the Jewish Link newspaper. The groups are planning a protest outside the conference.

The pro-Palestinian Authority groups are trying to prevent the participation of the Judea and Samaria wineries with claims the wineries are built on “stolen land”.

Israel Ganz: Governor of the Binyamin Region “This is a campaign motivated by antisemitism.”

Israel Ganz: Governor of the Binyamin Region

Amichai Lurie, of Shiloh Winery, clarified that the winery is built on legally registered land in the Shiloh Industrial Zone.

“I purchased this land from the Israel Lands Administration, paid the Ministry of the Economy for the development of the land and fees to the Binyamin industrial zone administration, and all the vineyards are registered and legal,” Lurie said.

“This fallacious campaign is motivated by antisemitism.

“Anyone who deliberately slanders law-abiding Israeli citizens and spreads lies about them is siding with Hamas and barbaric radical Islam, whose sole aim is to oust the Jewish People from the Land of Israel, including by raping and murdering women and children. It is shameful for anyone to act this way against Israel.”

If readers do a little research, you will discover that Palestinian Authority leaders have been lying for years about “stolen land” and claiming the State of Israel was established on “Palestinian land: — a claim that has become the basis for the mantra “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”, meaning a Palestinian state will replace Israel.

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