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Springfield, Missouri's City Hall

The leaders of the City of Springfield, Missouri, and Greene County, on Thursday issued a statement condemning antisemitic fliers that had been distributed by unknown individuals in Springfield on Christmas Day. The flyers, which were left on people’s doors, suggested there was a connection between the Jews of Springfield and a conspiracy to spread the coronavirus.

Springfield Mayor Ken McClure and Greene County Commissioner Bob Dixon said there was no place for that behavior in theuir city and county. They issued a press release saying:

We strongly condemn the message and intent of the fliers found on numerous doors across central Springfield on Christmas Day, linking our Jewish neighbors to a supposed COVID-19 ‘Agenda.’
Ignorance and bigotry in all forms must be called out for what it is so that hatred does not infect our good community. Springfield and Greene County is and should be a community where all are included and valued, and where love and neighborly care prevail.
We strongly encourage those behind the distribution and sentiment to consider the error of their way and reflect on finding the better path of inclusion and loving their neighbor as themselves.
We proudly join together in condemning in the strongest possible terms the message conveyed by these fliers. There is absolutely no place for this type of behavior or attitude in Springfield or Greene County. This is not who we are.
We respect and applaud our Jewish neighbors for the strong contributions they make to our community on a daily basis.
We apologize to them for these inappropriate actions and thank them for their strong heritage of faith and for being part of our community.

It reminded me of the joke about a European and an American Jew who argue whose country is better, and the European says, We in Europe have the greatest musuems, the finest quisine, the best theater, and what do you have in america? So the American Jew answers: We have the best goyim.


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