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Rep. Steve King

The Republican Jewish Coalition on Tuesday night congratulated Randy Feenstra, the GOP’s the Iowa State Senator who won the primary over Rep. Steve King. The problem is, whatever King’s views have been about immigration, Muslims, and multiculturalism, he was a great friend of Israel, which is why one must scratch one’s balding head and raise one’s eyebrows at the email sent out by RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks on Tuesday night, saying:

“Steve King does not represent the Republican Party and it’s time for him to leave Congress. We are happy that Randy Feenstra, a strong conservative and a friend of Israel, will be our party’s candidate for Congress in Iowa’s 4th district seat this year. The RJC PAC endorsed Randy and raised over $40,000 for him because we believe in him. We expect him to win in November and we look forward to welcoming Randy to Washington, DC next January.”


In his nine terms in Congress, since 2003, King was an opponent of immigration and multiculturalism, and was infamous for his racism and white supremacist ideas, as well as his white-nationalist affiliations. He also cheered European far-right and anti-Muslim politicians. And he seriously loathed George Soros, one of the most ardent enemies of the Jewish State.

Indeed, in 2018, the Anti-Defamation League sent then House speaker Paul Ryan an open letter calling on him to censure King, accusing King of the anti-Semitic smearing of billionaire Soros. Except that, with the exception of the anti-Semitic Hungarians who hate his guts, Soros has not been attacked for being Jewish, he is maligned for hating Jews and the Jewish State.

The ADL letter concluded, “Rep. King has brought dishonor onto the House of Representatives. We strongly urge you and the congressional leadership to demonstrate your revulsion with Rep. King’s actions by stripping him of his subcommittee chairmanship and initiating proceedings to formally censure or otherwise discipline him.”

And two leaders of the Iowa Jewish community criticized King for being “an enthusiastic crusader for the same types of abhorrent beliefs held by the Pittsburgh shooter,” the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting having taken place only days earlier, on October 27, 2018.

The GOP decided to get rid of Congressman King after they had been trounced in the November 2018 midterm election, losing 40 congressional seats and the House to the Democrats. The powers that be in the GOP marked King because he was so unrestrained in his rhetoric – a fact they had brushed aside from 2003 to 2018. King, who served on the Judiciary, Agriculture, and Small Business Committees, on January 14, 2019 was removed from all of his committee assignments with a bipartisan condemnation of his support for white supremacy.

And so, as part of the GOP machine, the RJC announced its support for King’s opponent in the Iowa primaries, Randy Feenstra, and fundraised for him with great enthusiasm, all the time ignoring the fact that Congressman Steve King was one of Israel’s greatest friends in Congress. How great? On January 5, 2017, King introduced his Resolution to Stand with Israel and Reject the Two-State Solution, which he described in this press release:

“The State of Israel is the only consistent and reliable beacon of freedom and democracy in the Middle East, and it is a crucial ally of the United States in the region as well as in the larger war against radical Islam. Thus, I believe in advocating for a new approach concerning America’s prime policy objective between Israel and the people who call themselves Palestinians that prioritizes the State of Israel’s sovereignty, security, and borders.

I have introduced my own resolution reaffirming my position to stand with Israel and reject the ‘two-state solution’ that has failed to result in a secure environment for either Israel, a free country, or the Palestinians, who are led by Islamists and autocrats. Palestinian-led entities in the West Bank and Gaza have been and are being controlled by terrorist groups who incite acts of violence against innocents. As a result, Israel should be allowed to determine what is best for itself. My resolution encourages Israel to do just that by taking up its own course in direct negotiations with the Palestinians, instead of Washington dictating terms upon Jerusalem.”

Rep. Steve King with Ben Shapiro / Rep. Steve King’s Facebook page

According to the Forward, Feenstra’s candidacy was also supported by conservative political commentator and radio host Ben Shapiro (seen above with the Congressman), who urged his followers to donate to Feenstra’s campaign. So let it be known that, at last, the DNC and GOP political correctness have merged in the condemnation of a zealous enemy of a Palestinian State. Congrats.