Photo Credit: Screenshot from a video posted on Facebook by Eytan Laor
The Day the Cops Didn't Show

We got this video from a Facebook user named Eytan Laor whom we believe lives in the US. He titled it: “An average police-free day in New York City, Just like #BLM wanted it,” which is clear enough, but nevertheless begs a few questions, including: where and when in New York City was it shot, and what happened just before?

You’ll note that throughout the 5-minute+ clip, at least one woman, who probably shot it, is yelling, in Spanish and then in English: Where’s the police? and: Call the police. But none arrive to break up this violence of near-Biblical proportions.


Also: if you are offended by violence and the occasional immodest moment, as well as mild expletives, we strongly recommend that you avoid this clip. We are offering it as a valuable argument in favor of a return to sanity in our civic discourse. And, please, let us know if you have answers to the two questions above.

Incidentally, the video above is reminiscent of a great street violence scene from The Gangs of New York:


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