Yankel And Leah – Chapter Twenty

Yankel was puzzled. He was young, he was old. It didn’t feel like a compliment either way. Now he wasn’t to talk about it – but they were full steam ahead anyway.

Dear Dr. Yael

Their response changed his life.

Self-Esteem And Friendship

Many people confuse the concepts of self-esteem and ego, assuming that if you believe in yourself you are automatically egoistic and arrogant.

Differentiated Instruction And Multiple Intelligences: Helping Children Learn The Way They Learn Best

By multiple intelligences, we mean that people have different intelligences in different areas.

Getzlight – Conclusion

I stared over at Binyamin. Not that long ago I had cared for him, Shaindy, not deeply or passionately, but enough to look forward to his coming home, enough to worry about his health and well-being. Had he ever cared about me?

The Secret To A Happy Marriage

Are you looking for emotional first aid for your marriage? If you are, you’re not alone. Today, engaged couples, newlyweds and couples who have been married for years are feeling insecure about their relationships and looking for advice on how to make their marriages work better or simply to heal their relationship wounds.

Does The Nose Really Know? Readers React

It is a shame that when one sincerely wishes to help another person, he or she often must avoid telling the truth.

Dear Dr. Yael

The purposely look down and away if I try to smile in their direction.

A Resounding YES For The Dream Team

Electrifying, inspirational, and uplifting are some of the words used to describe the unique concert that took place on Sunday evening, October 26, in the Rose Theater of The Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Harnessing The Power Of The Teenage Brain

The teenage years are not about surviving. They are about thriving.

Social Thinking and Thinking Social

Improving our social thinking begins with improving self-awareness, and is a skill that is used for much more than having successful social interactions.

Want To Make Good Decisions? Wrap It Up!

Why is it so hard to make decisions? Why do we make so many poor decisions?

Why Marital Therapy Often Fails

Stacy and George walked out of the marriage counselor's office angrier than when they arrived. It was their third session and this last fight over his ex-wife wasn't going away. The fifty minutes spent embroiled in a detailed account of their battle only fired up their anger – and the counselor's request to remember how much they love each other wasn't helping. It would be a week before the next session and both of them were already talking about not coming back.

Rough Seas

If you have specific reasons for your anxiety write them down so that your thoughts can be clearly conveyed to those who will help you through. If it is just a general feeling of worry, write that down as well.

Dear Dr. Yael

Most people do not realize that we are causing our physical, emotional and behavioral health problems and generally try harder to go faster.

Change Please!

We can always argue that we only need that 'one' right person, but we still need to be offered the opportunities to meet that special guy.

Even As I Walk In The Shadow Of Death… A Day In The Shelter...

The budget allotted to shelters by the Welfare Department is configured by a set criteria for every family nucleus. The difference is that while a non-religious family averages 2.3 souls, the families at Bat Melech average 4.6.

How Do We Build Character?

As parents, we can be role models for our children and teach them that when things are tough, they still need to keep trying.

Executive Function, Anger, Bullying

Q: My daughter’s teachers have been telling me that she has trouble with her executive functions. I know she is not organized and often forgets to finish her homework, but I am not sure exactly what they mean. Can you clarify the term?

The Tyranny Of OCD

The disorder is far more disabling than people realize, and consumes untold hours and outputs of energy.


Different can be exhilarating, especially if you have a tendency to be more circumspect and careful. Different suddenly allows you to enjoy the fun that spontaneity and a sense of adventure often offers.

A King’s Ransom To Keep Him Happy

Children with experiential insatiability, are extremely hard to satisfy. School-related routines such as processing information and producing written work do not quell their appetites for intense experiences.


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