Not A Dirty Word

Sacrifice is the backbone of our souls. It indicates self-regulation for a higher purpose.

Plus One

You are in a difficult position. While I commend your commitment to meeting new people by attending events, the lack of a matchmaker seems to ultimately be slowing you down.

Yankel And Leah – Chapter 28

Quite frankly, I feel terrible, but also great. I had always felt old, but now I feel young even though it feels like my body has been broken into two.

Self Esteem And Its Impact On Marriage

Self esteem is one of the most important factors influencing human behavior. Despite what some people believe, self esteem can be a critical issue in marriage, where unresolved identity issues from childhood can place unwanted stress on a relationship.

Pre-Marital Counseling: To Go Or Not To Go

What is the difference between pre-marital and mar­ital counseling? People come to marital counseling with an existing problem. Each partner in the relationship is now occupied with getting his/her needs met, not the partner's. They have forgotten how to share, solve, and support each other in their relationship.

A Reader Offers Shidduch Advice

Dear Anonymous: Thank you for your amazing letter. I wish you hatzlachah in your new marriage, and may your letter bring more sensitivity to others regarding this issue.

Nacho Business!

You have not asked for sympathy, guidance or their opinion. Yet, you are not sure how you can stop the onslaught without calling more negative attention to yourself.

Dear Dr. Yael

You somehow need to see this second relationship as another chapter in your life. This does not mean that the loving years that you shared with your first husband should ever be forgotten.

But He Likes Me!

Second guessing your decision when it comes to shidduchim is so difficult where clarity is the greatest gift you can ask for.

Dear Dr. Yael

My husband is a great guy and very loving - except when things don't go his way.

Yankel And Leah – Chapter 11

Yankel would get out of there as soon as he could. What was there to linger for? Did his father want his approval?

Opening Up About The Holocaust

She should be grateful that her father is at least talking about his past and that he appears to be taking an active part in his daughter's and her family's life.

My Day, My Way

Perhaps, we are getting closer to the other side and you can’t help but envision a guest-filled wedding day in the location you have always wanted.

Shrinking Dating Pool

You believe you are stuck because no one new seems to exist in the comfortable/uncomfortable group you belong to. To remain as you are will then likely not yield new and productive results. It’s time to switch things up.

Shidduch Silence

While you may struggle to talk and share, you can be a great listener. Prepare open-ended questions before the date and really listen to the answers given.

Recession And Domestic Violence

The country's economic indicators may be falling, but incidents of domestic violence are rising.

History Interrupted

Whether you are set up by a shadchan, by a friend, or meet on your own at a singles event, take the time to do your research.

Freedom From Fear: Understanding Anxiety

Most people are not aware that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting 40 million adults age 18 and older (18% of U.S. population).

Are Mood Swings Medical In Nature?

If someone is acting different and no significant outside stressors are apparent, I would advise the individual to go for a check-up to ensure that there is no medical reason for the change.

Children Giving Chizuk To Their Disabled Mom

Dear Dr. Respler: The letter from the husband lamenting his family’s difficulties brought on by his wife’s physical impairments (“For Better Or Worse – Or Bailing Out,” 1-11) brings back memories of my experience. I was the wife who one day found herself physically incapacitated and unable to do the simplest acts.

Dear Dr. Yael

Please don't make a huge issue out of this situation. As in all situations, the only person we can change is ourselves.

I Don’t Want To Repeat My Parents’ Rocky Marriage

Your self-awareness and your ability to worry over their influence will only aid you in this process.

Dear Dr. Yael

All drugs carry risks such as grogginess and other side effects. You should consult your healthcare provider before using any medication.

Dear Dr. Yael

Maybe my letter with inspire people to appreciate what they have.

Dear Dr. Yael

The phone was clearly a privilege and it's important for teenagers to learn about consequences, accountability and trust.


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