The Single Mingle

It can feel impossible to be sufficiently witty and clever in the five-minute time slot allotted during a speed-dating round.

Stressing The Positives

Dear Dr. Yael: My husband and I are, Baruch Hashem, happily married for five years. But there is a stumbling block constantly facing us.

Dear Dr. Yael

When physicians prescribe steroids, they usually do it as a last choice. They don't inform the patient of the effects it can have on his personality since they don't want to suggest something that may not happen.

Dear Dr. Yael

Women don't often realize they are being abused, especially if the abuse is emotional rather than physical.

Dear Dr. Yael

You should, as a couple, forge out “we” time where you do things together such as discuss books, art, Torah topics, or whatever you both share interest in.

Beauty Bar

It is always a blessing to find someone that you connect with. But in the often-complicated world of shidduchim, your psyche has thrown a wrench at your potential future together.

A Grateful But Tired Grandmother

Dear Dr. Yael: I have, Baruch Hashem, a beautiful family with children and several grandchildren. I am fortunate to be close with all of them. I also work and take care of my parents, like many others in the “sandwich generation.” While I love my life, I am constantly exhausted and overworked.

The Nose Knows: The Issue That Lingers

I bring the results of this study to demonstrate that although in a frum world we should rise above the gashmius, unfortunately, we still live in a secular world in which we are affected by that gashmius.

Dear Dr. Yael

Having a constant critic around is like having someone hitting you over the head on a regular basis.

Dear Dr. Yael

"I know people mean well... but..."

Single Mothers Deserve Better

Note from Dr. Respler: In A Plea To My Husband’s Ex (The Magazine, 12-9-2011), I mistakenly left out one important detail. Her husband has legally sanctioned visitation rights to his children, and despite this his ex-wife has largely prevented their children from having contact with their father. The father has been advised by his rebbeim and many legal experts to refrain from returning to court to fight for his relationship with his children. He is following this advice. This letter is in response to my reply to that letter.

Investing In Your Relationship

I often share with my clients a simple yet powerful analogy: think about your relationship as you do about your bank account. That’s because investing in your relationship is similar to saving money; the more you put into your bank account or relationship, the more you can take out when necessary.

Dear Dr. Yael

Maybe you can give me some words of nechama as I am frum and I know Hashem does everything for the good.

Pass Please!

Yes, a Pesach program can be a wonderful opportunity for you to meet new singles. For those who are up for it, it can be a helpful gift in a dating journey. At the same time however, you need a break. You need the time to rest and you need the time away.

Dear Dr. Yael

Someone close to us knew that you were good at saving marriages and begged us to give therapy one last chance,

“The Baby”

Your husband seems to have experienced what we have described as the Ambivalent Attachment.

Part 9 – Mirroring Your Spouse’s Feelings

Mirroring is a good way to start actively listening to each other. To mirror, you simply paraphrase or repeat back to your spouses what they are saying to you.


You are certainly no dummy. Clever is the name of your game. Reaching out for help is always the right thing to do.

But He Likes Me!

Second guessing your decision when it comes to shidduchim is so difficult where clarity is the greatest gift you can ask for.

Out of Tune

All those moments where you pictured the décor, the first dance, and the mile-long buffet are lost. A new dream had to be drawn that focused solely on the simcha and the union of two people ready to make a life together.

Defense Against The Bully

The real solution to bullying is to empower the bullied child.

Spicing Up Your Marriage

Dear Dr. Yael: After 30 years of marriage, some things that bothered me before are now magnified. While my husband was trying to make a...

The Hazards Of Onas Devarim

Dear Dr. Respler: I will never forget the following situation that happened to me in high school: Some of the boys picked on a boy who behaved inappropriately, causing the boy to feel terrible about himself. The rosh yeshiva, hearing about the situation, spoke to a few boys separately. I was one of those boys.

Individuality In Marriage

One of the most powerful dimensions of a successful marriage is a couple’s ability to keep focused on each other's good points and unique personality traits. Too often, people become fixated on the negative, sweating “over the small stuff," and forgetting the positive points that brought them together in the first place.

Dear Dr. Yael

Another thing that may be occurring is trivializing you, by telling you that you are too sensitive when something bothers you.


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