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As Chanukah is fast approaching, we’re all looking for great gift ideas for our friends and relatives. But what constitutes a good gift? Research shows that a thoughtful gift is one that fulfills the recipient’s desires, addresses the recipient’s problems, makes the recipient more effective, and creates meaning.


I therefore decided to revisit one of my favorite gadgets for seniors – The Jresponder Medical Alert solution. What more meaningful gift can you give a loved one than the gift of safety? This one checks all the boxes above, as it gives seniors what they desire most: staying independent longer in their own home, and feeling secure at all times. Along the way it also gives peace of mind to the rest of the family, but that may not count as their Chanukah gift!

The reason I feel so strongly about this safety device, is because I know first hand of very satisfied customers who have told me all sorts of stories on how it has gotten them out of thorny situations. Let me share with you one of the stories I’ve recently heard.

This couple told me how they were on the road, when the phone they were using as a GPS suddenly lost power. For some reason the charging cable stopped functioning. They were at a total loss as they didn’t have any other way of getting directions to their destination. At that point, the wife remembered she was wearing a Jresponder and decided to give it a try. As you guessed it, the agent who responded kindly directed them to their destination promptly.

The reason I like this story is because people tend to think of a medical alert as a device to be used in case of a medical emergency only, but the reality is that they can also sometime serve as a back up for a cellphone when not available. I’ve heard of others in similar situations who have used it to call their spouse or children.

I get it though, that the primary reason why people get the Jresponder is to be guaranteed to have Hatzalah dispatched to their house when needed and not 911. For some reason other medical alert companies dispatch 911 even if you ask for Hatzalah, and live within their service area.

The Jresponder partnership with all Hatzolah branches in the U.S. is so strong that some of them, such as Hatzolah Baltimore, have stopped taking medical alert calls altogether unless it comes from Jresponder. They only trust Jresponder to validate that the call isn’t a false alarm and to give them a way of entry to the house, so that they don’t have to break in and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

One exciting development I heard is that several managed Medicaid organizations are currently exploring adding Jresponder to their medical alert vendor list, as they realize that this is the one their frum customers like best. I hope to soon have an updated list of Medicaid providers who approve Jresponder, and share it with you here.

In the meantime their service is well worth the investment especially since they haven’t raised their prices with inflation and are offering their stellar service at the lowest price on the market.

For me personally, the part I like most about this company is their compassionate customer service who are ready to answer the call at all hours of the day and night and bend themselves backwards to satisfy their customers. My feeling is that for them it’s more of a calling than a business. They see it as a way of saving lives preventatively and they take it very seriously.

So if you’re still looking for a meaningful Chanukah gift for yourself or for someone you love, I hope I successfully made the case for the gift of safety. It’s a sure way to make everyone safe and happy. Check out their website,, for ordering info. As one customer cleverly stated: “Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.”


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