How many of us think of the heroin Yehudit and the heroic act she did to save all the Jewish people, especially the women? This is the story of Yehudit.

My Beloved Land

The entire world is like a body or a vessel, and Israel is the soul that makes the body run.

Beilis: From Jewish Victim To Jewish Hero

Menahem Mendel Beilis (1874-1934) was a Russian Jew accused of ritual murder in the “Beilis Affair,” an infamous Russian anti-Semitic trial reminiscent of the...

Study Examines State Of Orthodox Marriage

The state of marriage in the Orthodox community is hard to gauge, but the Orthodox Union, in alliance with the Aleinu Family Resource Center, took up the challenge last year by engineering an online survey taken by thousands of married observant Jews.

Before The Deluge: Kenya-Uganda (British East Africa)

In 1903, the English colonial minister offered a district for a Jewish settlement in Uganda to the Zionist leadership, whereby the English government brought to realization its efforts “to bring to pass the improvement of the Jewish race.” The 6th Zionist Congress (August 23-8, 1903) concerned itself with the English offer and decided to send an investigative commission to Uganda, but because of strong resistance inside the Zionist organization, the project was not followed up.

Orphans No More

Having said several kapitlach of Tehillim, I decided it was time to check out my surroundings. Here I was sitting in a posh heimishe dental office in Williamsburg, serenaded by soft music, and surrounded by proper reading material. Thanking Hashem one more time that it was my friend in the dental chair and not myself (such a loyal friend that I am), I decided to indulge in some reading. The first periodical that I picked up had an article that caught my eye and heart. It was entitled Orphans No More. I could not put it down!

Nathan Birnbaum, Founder Of ‘Zionism’

Zionist leader, Yiddishist, journalist, and Jewish theoretician and philosopher Nathan Birnbaum (1864-1937), who sometimes used the pseudonyms “Mattisyahu Ascher” or “Mathias Acher,” is one...

Clarence Darrow: Pro-Jewish, Anti-Zionist

A great friend of the Jews, Darrow regularly denounced anti-Semitism and supported Jewish causes.

Shiur On LIRR Completes Shas, Again

As I parked my car in the lot and prepared to cross the tracks and board the 7:49 at the Inwood station, I thought back seven-and-a-half years.

The Role Of ‘Der Ewige Jude’ In The Holocaust

Unlike Kristallnacht, which was a propagandistic failure, “Der Ewige Jew” proved to be successful in inculcating the belief in the German people that the Jews – all of them – were dangerous predators who spread disease and corruption and needed to be exterminated.

The ‘Judaism’ Of Arthur Miller And Marilyn Monroe

A recurrent theme in Miller’s work is the tragic defeats that befall common people.

Sowing Seeds Of Hope In Kfar Zeitim

Chaim grew up attending a serious yeshiva in Bnei Brak. Although he was of average intelligence, he was never able to concentrate during his long hours of Gemara study. His parents constantly pushed him to do better, even hiring expensive tutors to help him catch up. But it never seemed to work. He longed to express his abundant energy and creativity rather than keeping it bottled up inside. He needed a drastically different approach - one that fostered more than just book learning.

Aliyah Journal: Giving Birth To My First Sabra

As readers of this column know, our aliyah experience has been studded with many "firsts." Baruch Hashem, as of a few weeks ago, I can proudly add a new one to the list: my first Sabra.

The Cairo Genizah And Anwar Sadat

As our letter demonstrates, this endeavor was strongly supported by President Sadat; it is not often that a head of state writes a personal note to thank a donor for a three-dollar contribution!

Yorkers – But Are They Kosher?

In honor of Sukkos, The Jewish Press decided to feature pictures of six of the winning designs.

Vowels Above And Below – A 16th Century Manuscript

The Hebrew text has vowels below it, similar to the way Hebrew is vowelized today.

The Prohibited Sukkot Of Jerusalem

Rav Henkin (1881–1973) represented a unique blend of Torah scholarship, humility, and a lifelong dedication to the highest levels of discreetly preformed chesed.

Rabbinic Leaders Launch Initiative To Strengthen Jewish Families

While Jews are paying close attention to threats to Israel from Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah and rising anti-Semitism, we need to pay equal or more attention to the impact of western values on our families.

Addicted To Saving Lives

Eric was not willing to give up on his quest to save lives. He has donated blood platelets every month for the past 11 years – almost 140 donations.


Avraham Avinu was the leader of his generation and he guided all the souls of his time to recognize Hashem.

A Shul With A Story: Rocky Mountain Chai

The shul is not only open to every Jew; it is accessible to every Jew.

Settlers In Caravans

The term caravan often evokes images of weary travelers on camelback, nomads crossing through endless desert with no particular aim, and drifters and loners with regard for no one but themselves and the open road.

Little-Known Holocaust History – Bolivia: The Country That Saved 20,000 Jews

In the late 1930s, Bolivia’s president, German Busch, desperately sought ways to revitalize his country’s economy. Mauricio (Moritz) Hochschild – a Jewish business tycoon and a friend of the president – convinced Busch that Jewish refugees could be of help in this effort.

Love vs. Hate

Sadly, the most common places we meet with love and hate is in family conflicts.

Memory Chips

I remember names and I remember people but never the train shall meet.

The Art Of Talmud Torah

Given the centrality of Torah study to Jewish life... it is not surprising that Jewish artists have frequently featured it in their work.

A Hero

Once Irmgard understood what had happened to the Jews of Kittsee, she made it her mission to perpetuate their memory and do everything she could to prevent history from repeating itself.

Unusual Passover Cards

It is difficult to pin down who created the first Braille Haggadah and when.

Birdsong In The Holy Land

Our first morning, we awoke to bright yellow sunlight and the sound of birdsong.


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