Dementia Diary – – Chapter 27 (Part II)

Having assessed the lump as less than life-threatening, Dr. N. kindly used the opportunity to administer the standardized Memory Test of which I have spoken. The same questions posed to Hubby, as in the years gone by, but different answers this time.

The First Hebrew Shakespeare Translations

Smolenskin, learning of Salkinson’s knowledge of English and talents as a translator, convinced him to translate English classics to Hebrew.

Word Prompt – BLUE – Maayan Zik

Blue is the color of remembrance as we acknowledge all the struggles and torments alongside all the joy and levity that has come packaged with the resilience and strength of a people loyal and dedicated to service, service of Hashem, of community, of family, of each other, etc.

A Classic Work Of Early Publishing In Eretz Yisrael

The new reality of Jews living in the land of their fathers led to the publication of his Pe'at Hashulchan, a work dealing with halachot of the Land of Israel, particularly shemittah...

The Apostate’s Grammar Book

In 1617, French nobleman Concino Concini, Marquis d'Ancre, and his wife Leonora Galigai (who were not Jewish) were brought to trial for political reasons and accused of witchcraft and "Judaizing," and were subsequently killed.

Herzl’s Two Trips To Eretz Yisrael

Herzl never set foot again in Eretz Yisrael during his lifetime, but he did return decades after his death in 1904 at the tragically young age of 44.

Jewish Press Editor Makes Radio Debut

During his half-hour on air, Resnick urged the show’s audience to stand tall and defend biblical values in American society.

Word Prompt – BITACHON – Pesach Sommer

Having bitachon that Hashem is doing things for a purpose, even when my brain is screaming that it is painful and unfair, is a much bigger challenge for me.

A New CD By Chazan Benny Rogosnitzky Looks To Inspire Daveners and Baalei Tefillah...

“When you realize that you are the one carrying them and taking their tefillos to the Ribono Shel Olam, that shift puts everything into perspective.”

The Two Chief Rabbis Adler And The Jews’ College

Out of 13 candidates, mostly from Germany, Rav Adler made the “final four” list for chief rabbi along with Rabbis Samson Raphael Hirsch, Benjamin Hirsch Auerbach, and Hirsch Hirschfeld.

Word Prompt – SECOND CHANCES – Dr. Chani Miller

I’m sure at the beginning it was about being frugal, about coming to America with nothing and painstakingly creating something; it was about scrimping pennies so you could buy the basics that we take for granted, like milk, like fresh eggs, like a tea bag.

Albert Einstein’s ‘Music Of The Spheres’

Einstein once declared that while Beethoven “created” his music, Mozart's “was so pure that it seemed to have been ever-present in the universe, waiting to be discovered by the master.”

Bursting With Joy

The glass shatters beneath my son's foot, and with that I feel as if the shattered pieces of my heart become whole again.

Word Prompt – LOX – Naomi Klass Mauer

In Israel I discovered that lox is a delicacy and quite expensive, so I don’t indulge very often.

Piercing The Darkness Of Substance Abuse And Suicide, Amudim Offers Ray Of Hope With...

An upbeat promise of hope, Set Me Free is a reminder that even those who feel trapped by addiction can take control of their lives and liberate themselves by seeking professional help.

A Dream Come True – 230 Olim Touch Down In Israel

Within the last decade, noted Rabbi Fass, the trend in aliyah has been toward younger, single olim, ages 18 to 30, who are not necessarily coming to Israel for ideological or religious reasons.

Holocaust Cartoons

There can hardly be a subject that might, at first blush, be considered more unsuitable for cartoons than the Holocaust. Yet they played a more crucial role in provoking anti-Nazi sentiment, generating support for the victims of the Shoah, and engendering publicity regarding the Holocaust, than hundreds of essays, articles, and newspaper reports ever could.

Tribeca Synagogue On 9/11: The Untold Story Of the Shul Near Ground Zero

Rabbi Glass still didn’t know what happened to his wife. He rushed over to the neighborhood police station, the 1st precinct, to get advice about what to do. “I can’t give you any guidance,” the police officer said. “But if you want my personal opinion: get out of New York.”

The Szyk-Bergson Connection

Szyk’s sui generis work is notable for its rejection of contemporary avant garde artistic styles in favor of medieval painting, particularly as expressed in illuminated renaissance manuscripts.

Word Prompt – BABY – Avi Ganz

Life begins with our willingness to use the faculties with which we've been entrusted, as well as to open ourselves up to input from the outside.

A Lublin Gemara Printed In 1619

The papal decree also shifted the center of Talmudic studies to Poland, where the Jews were still allowed to study Talmud and many of the classic commentaries on Talmud were written and printed here in this era.

A Child Holocaust Survivor’s Recollections Of Kristallnacht, The Night of Broken Glass

Auerbacher told The Jewish Press, “They were always looking for something to hang on the Jews … You always felt anti-Semitism, you felt it in the air, even before Kristallnacht …

Historic Shul Reopens On Lower East Side

The historic Meseritz Synagogue on Manhattan’s Lower East Side was officially reopened on February 24 with a ceremony at the shul.

On Matzah & Mohels

Pesach means bite-sized sweet kidney mangos and the return of the longon. Shavuot brings back the pomelo. Chanukah means miniature Mandarin oranges. And its always star-fruit for Rosh Hashanah. While our palates might have changed, along with our knowledge of Southeast Asian fruit, when it comes to Pesach it’s really all Osem and Yehuda Matzot for us.

Word Prompt – GEVALT – Bari Mitzmann

As an influencer who speaks to many women on a daily basis, I find myself saying "oy" when someone shares an unfortunate situation with me. I guess it's my version of "oy gevalt" without the gevalt.


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