Saving Lives At The Mikveh

Women in the eighteen- to fifty-year-old age bracket are more susceptible to melanomas than are men.

20 Years After Rebbe’s Death, Jewish Movements Increasingly Emulate Chabad

Creating communities without walls has been a secret to Chabad’s success.

Over 3,000 Chabad Shluchim Gather In New York For Grand Convention

This weekend, over 3,000 Lubavitch shluchim will gather in Crown Heights for the annual Kinus Hashluchim (also known as the International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Shluchim).

Chopping For Laniado

She began changing her eating habits and tweaking her recipes and saw the pounds start to disappear.

The House That Morris Built

By A professor from Bar Ilan University, an expert on ancient affairs, investigated the value of silver of thousands of years ago.

For These I Cry: Rabi Chutzpit the Interpreter

The interpreter was expected to be a talmid chacham himself and be able to also offer explanations and clarifications to the students.

TorahAnytime, All The Time A Lifeline Of Inspiration

Rabbi Avrohom Dovid Weisz was just 31 years old when he was diagnosed with ALS in 2005.

One Year Later – Remembering Our Boys

In the face of evil, we can do acts of kindness. We can do good deeds.

The Anti-Semitism Of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) was a British writer best known for his iconic Sherlock Holmes detective stories, but he was also a physician (Holmes...

Four For The Fourth

Even when the mob threatened to kill her children that were in the house, she refused to give them any information.

Business Success 101

With the warm reception they had received in Manchester, and with both Aaron and Rivka preferring quieter areas and smaller communities to the hustle and bustle of London, they decided to move there.

Conference Encourages Shuls and Yeshivas to Open Shop

Like many, yeshivas and shuls have taken a financial hit during this recession. A good way for them to make extra money would be by thinking like entrepreneurs.

Moms Go For Guinness Record In Kids Challah Bake

“We were able to bring together the Jewish community, regardless of level of observance,”

Of Hospitals, Doctors And Nurses

These many heroes and heroines gave Israel their hears.

Preparing For Pesach Spiritually, Not Just Physically

We all know that cleaning the house for Pesach is a mitzvah, but what are our thoughts as we fulfill it?


Each one of us no matter where we live, our gender, our nationality or the social circles we live in, have worries.

Miracle Baby

Every heart was filled with gratitude to the Almighty for granting this special soul a chance to live.

The Six-Point Agreement And The Yom Kippur War

Though ostensibly jointly drafted by the United States, Egypt, and Israel, the Kilometer 101 Agreement was criticized by supporters of Israel as driven by the United States and directed by Egypt with Russian prompting.

Mark Levin Headlines CPAC Shabbaton

A psychology major at the University of Central Florida, Malka said most Jews on his campus lean right. That is not the case on many other campuses, however – which is why, in part, YJC was founded.

The World Of Judaica

Collecting Jewish antiques entails a bit of dedication as well, as there are many different categories of art that we have to deal with.

Do You Need A Will?

A will is a legal document that provides specific instructions as to how a person's assets should be distributed upon his or her death. This article will touch on a few reasons why it is important for everyone, young or old, wealthy or not, to write a will.

Living In G-d’s Backyard

Life in this special land can be difficult. Sometimes what makes it so hard is not so much the physical work but the mental and spiritual work.

A Look At Education For Jewish Women Throughout The Ages (Part III – A...

The image of the pious, simple and domestically maternal Jewish woman no longer appealed to these secularly educated girls.

Yehudit Glazer: Formerly Of Neve Dekalim; Now Nitzan

The family: I was seven years old when I came to Israel from Czechoslovakia. My father had gone to New York in 1939 on a business trip and while he was returning on the Queen Mary ship World War II broke out. The ship changed its course and set sail for England, where my father stayed for the next year.


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