The Kabbalist Who Wanted A Jewish Army In 1532

Molcho won a reputation for being able to answer any question posed about the Torah, and people came from far away to pose questions to him.

Lamed Vavniks Who Aren’t Afraid to Get Their Hands Dirty

Rabbi Mendy Rosenberg, a Viznitzer chassid, stands outside his Williamsburg tire shop in rain, sun, sleet and snow, repairing flat tires and replacing old worn ones. Located in an area that was once an industrial area, the shop seems to be out of place on an island sandwiched between towering new building complexes, part of Williamsburg's building boom to accommodate the ever growing Chassidic population.

Yaakov Ben-Dov And The Origins Of Cinema In Eretz Yisrael

He always viewed his photographs and films more as documentation than art, and most cinema commentators agree, some cynically.

A Very Hong Kong Chanukah

To explain to my children what Chanukah was like for me as a young girl, I find I am just as inclined to recount what it wasn’t as I am to describe what it was.

Four For The Fourth

Even when the mob threatened to kill her children that were in the house, she refused to give them any information.

A Jewish Bank And The Great Depression

The New York Times reported that the run was based on a false rumor spread by a small local merchant, a holder of stock in the bank, who claimed that the bank had refused to sell his stock.

Hebron Shabbat

Erev Shabbat, Parashat Shemot was a beautiful, clear day. The sun had warmed up the brisk winter air, and off came the jackets as everyone was enjoying the milder weather. My husband and I were excited at the prospect of spending Shabbat in Hebron. The last time we were in Hebron was in June of 2007 when we had the nachas of being present at the completion of Sefer B'reshit by our grandson's class. This Shabbat was the fulfillment of our desire to spend Shabbat in the heart of Hebron.

TorahAnytime, All The Time A Lifeline Of Inspiration

Rabbi Avrohom Dovid Weisz was just 31 years old when he was diagnosed with ALS in 2005.

Kapparot: ‘A Wing And A Prayer’

In Levy’s drawing, the children do not seem particularly enamored by having a chicken waived over their heads, as the boy seems to be shielding his eyes and the little girl seems to be recoiling in horror.

Rachel Imeinu

Each tear of our mother Rachel nurtures in our, her children’s, consciousness the sense of “smallness.” She “nurses” us with her tears.

NY Issues Guidance For Religious Schools

A communication system must be developed with the school’s plan. The “responsible parties” will have to organize communication between the school’s administration, teachers, parents and the students.

A 1915 Siddur – Published By The German Army

By publishing this siddur, the government wished to demonstrate its egalitarian values.

The Origins Of Magen David Adom

MDA in Israel was arguably born twice: first after World War I and then again in 1930.

Magical Fruit In The Golan Heights

"Spot On,” our semi-regular feature on off-the-beaten-track places in Israel, takes us to the Golan

Prayer and a Smile

Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the home of Little League Baseball, is also the home of the Ohev Shalom Congregation and Rabbi Shaul and Michal Rappeport.

The First Sefer To Be Published By A Woman In Israel

You should know, my beloved children, that our journey to the Holy City of Jerusalem was very difficult. It was a test like the binding of the Patriarch Isaac, as written in the Torah, ‘Go forth from your native land...

My Mother, Irene Klass – 10 Years Later

Speaking of her feelings for Israel, Irene says, ‘my heart always beats a little faster, and I experience a moment of inner joy, when I land in Lod Airport and feel the ground of Israel under me.’

A New Year, A New You

Deep down, we are all worried first and foremost about ourselves. But when we worry about ourselves, we've forgotten why we're here.

“Bind Them As A Sign On Your Hand . . .”

The Boston Globe reported that by the end of November 1967, “more than 400,000 members of the Jewish faith are estimated to have observed the commandment to wear Phylacteries – tefillin in Hebrew – at the city’s Western Wall, formerly known as the ‘Wailing’ Wall.”

Terrace On The Park Renovation

Originally constructed as a restaurant and heliport for the 1964 World’s Fair, Terrace On The Park is a marvel of Modernist design, with its signature T-shaped towers soaring 120 feet above the fairgrounds, now Flushing Meadows Park.

Two New York Synagogues Mark Their Centennials

Today, both synagogues serve the entire Upper West Side community, as do so many of the other amazing other synagogues of this incredibly vibrant and competitive neighborhood.

A Shabbat Favorite – The Crock-Pot

The idea behind this invention came from Naxon’s mother, Tamara Kaslovski Nachumsohn, who used to tell him stories about how cholent was produced in her town of Vilna, Lithuania.

The Reform Movement’s Rejection Of The Balfour Declaration

Though the CCAR supported the Jewish right to emigrate to Eretz Yisrael, it strenuously objected to defining Palestine as the Jewish homeland.

Never Too Late To Say I’m Sorry

Hurting or upsetting any person is a very serious sin, especially in the eyes of the Creator who created us all and loves all of His children.

Hakafot: “Will It Go ‘Round In Circles?”

Kabbalistically, seven circuits represents completion and perfection, particularly with respect to G-d’s creation of the world.

Before The Deluge: The Jews Of The U.S. (Part Two)

The (European) press began to busy itself with the problems of emigration. The Austrian Central Body of Jews, which arose in 1848, dedicated itself to this situation. In May of 1848 a Committee for the Promotion of Emigration was started.

A Tight Squeeze For The School With A Big Heart

The sounds of summer echo through the tight hallway and past the front door that leads to the parking lot connecting the trailers and storefront school in a strip mall in Lakewood, New Jersey.

A Tribute To The Lubavitcher Rebbe

Throughout some of my hardest times, I always felt as if the Lubavitcher Rebbe, though I never met him, was always there for me.


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