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I can’t tell you what time the fastest runner made, or who took home trophies for first, second or third place. Like almost everyone there, I was walking, enjoying the fun and the camaraderie while marveling at the opportunity to turn a great time into a mitzvah. By the time I got to the finish line and proudly accepted the first medal I have ever been awarded in my entire life, I was completely soaked from head to toe and wondering if the driver’s seat of my car would bear streaks of pink, orange, yellow, green and blue paint by the time I got home. For the record, my car is paint-free, all of my clothing washed clean and my semi-retired sheitel that I save for rainy days and other emergencies is still basic, boring and brown, with nary a streak of color to be seen anywhere, although it is just the tiniest bit crunchy at the ends.

While I admit to being very pumped up about the paint aspect of the run, some of the nicest moments had nothing to do with color. It was beautiful to see how close to 100 volunteers turned out to show their support and how all throughout the race, there were people making sure that the course stayed clean. Another Kodak moment came towards the end when a volunteer was handing out ices to participants and those people who happened to pass by, demonstrating the importance of being a good neighbor and that caring for others transcends religious boundaries.


“The happiness and excitement with everyone coming out to support achdus was unbelievable,” Mrs. Chavi Greenberg, who founded Chesed 24/7 together with her husband, Rav Shulem, told Olam Yehudi. “To see everyone supporting a good cause, and doing their parts so graciously is just unbelievable.”

“We had double the amount of people we did last year and everybody was in such great spirits,” added Shoshana Wanounu, one of the Color Run’s hostesses. “It was an awesome event, from start to finish.”

Music, fun, exercise, refreshments and an opportunity to raise money for a great organization that benefits so many. Who could ask for a better way to spend a gorgeous summer Sunday morning?


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