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There are many types of miracles in the world. Hashem sometimes disguises miracles by allowing a small decision to cause a massive difference. For example, it’s a miracle when meeting someone at a simcha or learning a timely tidbit in a book has a butterfly effect that changes one’s life forever.

We are surrounded by miracles. The Ramban writes (Shemos 13:16), “Through the great, manifest miracles a person acknowledges the hidden miracles, which are the foundation of the entire Torah.” When tremendous miracles occur, a person can reason that if Hashem can affect the natural order, it must mean he maintains it through hidden miracles. When Chanukah-like wars are won or somebody from hospice recovers, it is easy to point at such events and say we have witnessed miracles. But, while much more challenging, it is equally important to do the same for everyday occurrences.


There is a tier of “really cool” miracles – and many we get to see ourselves. While miracles are everywhere, the revival of the dead, a talking donkey, and an oil jug that pours endlessly certainly stand out. Rav Chaim Freidlander writes people think that phenomena such as the resurrection of the dead is a miracle, but is the sprouting of a seed any less miraculous?

It behooves us to recognize that miracles are all around us and in all forms. The midrash Tehillim says when we thank Hashem for a miracle that He has done for us, we will be saved from other misfortunes.

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