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Rushing into something before its correct time: harmful.

Waiting: Beneficial.


This is a synopsis of R’ Avin Halevi’s statement in Gemara Brachos.

The position of rosh yeshiva was vacant and the yeshiva was unsure of who should assume the role.

Should it be Rabba, called an Oker Harim, able to uproot mountains with his precise analytic thinking? Or should it be R’ Yosef, a Sinai, because he was an absolute expert in the texts?

The question was sent to the rabbis in Israel. They ruled that it is better to choose a Sinai since R’ Yosef has more knowledge, he has a greater ability to make the correct rulings.

So, who became the rosh yeshiva? Rabba!

Rav Yosef declined the position. He knew he would only be able to be the rosh yeshiva for two years. Therefore, he deferred to Rabba, knowing that he risked never being rosh yeshiva at all.

Rabba was Rosh Yeshiva for 22 years; thereafter R’ Yosef took the position for 2 ½ years until his death.

The meforshim say that he was rewarded with an extra six months because he deferred the position to Rabba.

Rephrasing the Gemara into the current vernacular: Good things come to those who wait.

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