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Graffiti that was painted over by IDF soldiers in Gaza, November 29, 2023.

The IDF brass ordered soldiers to paint over graffiti inscriptions that had been left by the fighters on many buildings in north Gaza, claiming that graffiti was not part of the operational mission of the forces, and contradicts the values of the army. File that under things that make you go “hmmm”.

The messages vary from humorous support for sports teams to expletives associating the mothers of Hamas terrorists with unmentionable acts and professions, and of course, most importantly, fervent wishes to return to Gush Katif for good.


The painted messages included, “Ben Gvir, you were right,” “Gush Katif, we’re coming home.” and renaming buildings and streets to something a bit more Jewish.

The soldiers were given the necessary tools and materials, and they were asked to erase with white paint the inscriptions that were sprayed on the walls of Gaza Strip buildings.

It should be noted that the assignments were handed out during the recent lull in the fighting, where IDF forces remained inside the pre-determined ceasefire lines, ready for the moment they were called to go on the attack again.

Not all units reportedly agreed to the task.

Some angry soldiers even added some new graffiti, describing what they thought of Southern Command General Yaron Finkelman who gave the idiotic order.


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